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B-and-M Eastern Route progress

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    James, your making great progress! If that E unit, the cars, the track work and ballasting is any indication of your talents, we're in for a big treat as you continue to progress! Nicely done!!!


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      Looks real good James. Please keep us posted on your progress.


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        Good work James. I had missed the first pics. There are some very nice spots on the layout.


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          James. Very nice! Yes, keep us posted.


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            Great photos of the progress James

            How in the world do you get those Rowley Modules up and down the stairs in a 200+ yo home ?

            I don't envy you in doing that.

            Mike S in MI


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              Hi James. The layout is lookin great. Here we go again feeding Mike Hamer enthusiasm for B&M empires on the build. [:-apple] [:-apple]
              Chris Lyon



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                Hi, Chris...ol' buddy ol' pal...and I'm a-lovin' it! Great layout progress, James. Also...hi to Mike Sherbak who is BM_1566. Hey Mike, I run the 1566 GP7 on my layout!

                Ah, don't know what you're missin' if you're not modelling New England!

                Note: Chris is a good buddy and fellow Friday Night Group member up here in Ottawa, Canada!

                James, please do keep those pictures coming. It is always fun seeing a B&M layout on the build! :up: :up: [:P]
                Mike Hamer

                Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                  Mike (I rode 1566 on B-21 back in the late 1960s), I'm lucky that 200 years ago, the guy who built my house was keeping a promise he made to land his wife. So it's got high ceilings and generous doors and stairways. I heave a good deal of hay every summer, so I *can* get the modules up two flights myself, but usually my wife or daughter help. I put down a bunch of ties tonight, but no time to take a (probably) dull picture anyway. Now if only my LHS will get off the dime and get me the rail I need, I've got my work cut out for me till I leave for Dortmund right after the Hub Spring Show.


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                    I returned from Germany a week ago, and have a little progress to show: The easterly switches for the 'middle' track are mostly done. And until the LHS gets the bundle of code 83 rail I ordered in January, I can either work on the spurs (code 70 arrived quickly), or start framing the next section (staging behind the post at the left rear).


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                      James, I see that you ballast as you go. Good idea.


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                        Roadbed first (if I'm using it, 1/8" HomaBed here, or 1/4" pine lattice stock), then ties, sand the ties, then ballast, then rail.


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                          Hi James...Just catching this thread...Looks like this will be another great B&M themed layout.

                          (What's with you B&M modellers and having nicely done layouts...must be the water they drink...right, Mikey?? )

                          Seriously, James...looking forward to more updates on your layout progress!



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                            Although it's hot in the attic by noon, and I've been waiting for M-E weathered Code 83 rail for 6 months now (LHS tells me 3-5 more weeks), I have some progress to show:

                            I've laid 4 switches on the easterly lead. The spur to the right is spiked Code 55, and henceforward I'll think more seriously when I hear or read "handlaid in Code 55" (or 40, for that matter); I've glued Code 55 down previously (guardrails on the Rowley River bridge), which I find a lot easier. BTW, I resized this picture with DigiKam on FreeBSD, which seems to have avoided the jaggies that M$ Photo Editor gave my earlier images.


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                                Looks great!
                                Bill Shanaman

                                New Haven RR

                                Hartford Division

                                in Colorado.