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    At the risk of sounding ignorant am I correct in assuming that if I want to model in HOn3 that I am going to be handlaying my trackwork?


    David Reid

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    Micro Engineering makes HOn3 flextrack in Code 70,55, and 40 not sure on any turnouts but Fastracks has very handy turnout jigs.



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      Micro Engineering also makes switches, I have a couple Code 55. They have a cast frog that sits up too high and causes a bump when wheels go over it. With a little grinding they're pretty nice, although I hear they've become hard to get ahold of. Their flextrack is really nice too...



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        For turnouts, also checkout Light Iron Turnout Company:

        and, of course, Railway Engineering:

        Keep in mind, though, with all of the new HOn3 rolling stock, track suppliers are currently having a tough time keeping up with demand, so handlaying might be a good route to pursue.


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          What Code rail is the most common? I am a little ways off from setting up a layout but I want to start doing some planning. Does microengineering have a website? Or where can I find it?

          Thanks for the replies.


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            You'll see a lot of Code 70 on older layouts because that's what was most commonly available in the past (from Shinohara mostly). These days you can buy turnouts and flextrack in Codes 40 and 55, so I would recommend those. Code 70 is really much too big for all but the very heaviest of narrow gauge trackage in HO scale. 40 and 55 will give a much more fine-scale appearance.

            I couldn't find a website for ME, but if you google them you'll find plenty of suppliers and shops you can buy their products through.


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              Micro Engineering doesn't have a web site. They don't even check their e-mail except about twice a year.

              Caboose Hobbies in Colorado is one of the 'regular' HOn3 suppliers and they have as best a chance of stocking track supplies as most others. They are supposed to have just gotten in shop their 'annual' supply of the Shinoharra components.

              I agree that the code 55 is a far better representation.