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Tools and tips for scratch building

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  • Some tools that I use a lot, that haven't already been mentioned -

    A knife rest (pic from Wikipedia) where any kind of paintbrush can be put down without smearing the table or rolling away.

    Sanding blocks made from sandpaper stuck to 3/16" foam core and cut to size (I mostly use 4x7 cm, a little less than 2x3 inches). Write the grit on the back. I've also glued sandpaper around both ends of chopsticks for sanding inside corners and curves.

    For applying Tacky Glue, a friend in the US sent me a tool made from a GUM stimulator tip, glued to a dowel handle. It's flexible and has a very fine point, great for applying small amounts of glue. When the glue has set for a minute or so, I gently run the tool along the join to rub off any excess. I use this tool all the time instead of toothpicks. It works for applying tiny dots of craft paint too.