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    Here is a new site that just opened up. My company, Ingersoll-Rand, used to publish a magazine called "Compressed Air", and have now archived the issues from 1899-1995 to be available online.

    The magazine contained articles covering many industries, including mining, railroads, logging, etc. The magazine was originally conceived to promote the uses of compressed air, which Ingersoll-Rand makes machinery for. But, there is a lot of great information in there. You will need to register a userid, etc. to use it, however. The website also includes a search engine.



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      Here is a link that for floor plans for buildings in British Columbia, Canada but they would be useful in other settings as well. I have visited some of these structures when I was in BC. I think the Heritage Building Sites” are worth a look at. Click on "Measured Drawings Index".



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        In my research of coal mines this weekend, I stumbled upon the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmantal Protection, which has webpages on the history of mining in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of images made from stereoview pictures. After looking at them, you really begin to appreciate today's working conditions.



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          Chuck & Paul,

          Thanks for your additions to this thread.

          Chuck, I have signed up for the IR site, and have already spent quite a bit of time looking at that PA EPA website.


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   A good site for measured drawings from the "Greater Philadelphia" area including residences and businesses.

   This site isn't always up but it is worth poking around when it is for some great old photos of Camden NJ. Note that some of the pages here contain lots of photos and even scans from old news papers that can really bog down a slower pc or dial-up connection.

   This site contains photos from the western New Jersey region.

   This site has some interesting photos from Berlin NJ - once called "Long-A-Coming"

            These are a few links that I have bookmarked and I think they contain some great reference material.



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              Found this site this morning: it features The Old Company's Lehigh™ and Central Railroad of New Jersey in the Anthracite Region. I especially like this page: as the photo of the brewery is perfect for modeling.



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                Originally posted by Dutchman


                Originally posted by Climax1880

                Hey Guys:

                Speaking of museums, libraries etc. Does anyone know where to get copies of Sanborn Insurance maps? I know that Harry Brunk (NG&SLG author) swears by them. His Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge installments are full of references to these maps. They even give you building measurements and placements.


                JR, a Google Search of Sanborn Maps yielded some sites where you can view them. When I Googled "Sanborn Maps Purchase", I found this site.


                Also for Sanborns:

                The "safest quote; is a "no quote."


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                  Some great links. Thanks a lot.

                  Paul B


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                    Following a link posted by Mark (quarryman) to the Virginia Tech. Arcives, I found their special photo collection from the N&W. I will be a great resource for anyone modeling the N&W, or coal mining.

                    Here is the link:

                    Thanks, Mark!


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                      Links with a Canadian Flavour!

             West Toronto Junction Historical Society

             Canadian Railway Archive Site

             City of Toronto Archives

             History of Railways in Eastern Ontario

             Archives of Ontario

             Canadian Rail Operating Rules

             McGill Digital Library 1880 Ontario Maps

             Prescott & Madawaska District RR Mostly Canadian links and Archives

             Craig Library Great Canadian Railways Reference Site

             Online Information Resource for the Canadian Railway Community

             Canada's Digital Collections

                      More on my web site links page.


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                        Here is a website that I use quite often since I am modeling the Atlanta, Georgia area.


                        This Georgia State University collection contains over 10,864 photographs (mostly from the 1940's and 1950's). You might also be interested in this site ( which shows a "Then and Now" comparison using these photos.

                        For more images from Georgia, check out the following:

                        State of Georgia's Virtual Vault -

                        This site includes actual plans of railroad structures including the Atlanta and West Point RR.

                        Vanishing Georgia -

                        Nearly 18,000 images collected by the Georgia Archives from around the state.

                        Scott Povlot

                        HO Scale - Central of Georgia Railway, Atlanta District

                        Piedmont Division, NMRA (Atlanta, Georgia) -


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                          One useful site that I didn't see mentioned is the Wisconsin Historical Society. There are many photos from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This link provides a list a categories for easy browsing.


                          There is also a nice search engine that has several useful options. For example, you can search by decade - a search for railroad and 1900-1909 provides 111 pictures.

                          The search engine is located at



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                            Thanks for the link. I found the search feature easy to use. It is a great addition to this thread.


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                              great link bruce ,will help me since my layout is based on the NYRR and Long Island RR .Im going to run out out bookmark space with all the links i get from here alone """


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                                I've found a few sites that have some good industrial photos. I don't think any of these were mentioned before.

                                The first is the Industrial Photography Archive

                       The site is in Germany but most text is in English. The emphasis is on mining and the steel industry. Most pictures are of European facilities but many are still interesting. There are photos coal mines in PA and US steel mills.

                                The second is Kentucky Coal Mines Lots of coal industry photos.

                                The third is Industrial Architecture of Montreal There are some interesting pics, such as the water tower that's shaped like a milk bottle at the Guaranteed Pure Milk Company.

                                The fourth is Lost Labor The photos are of workers in various industries and may be helpful in modeling detailed factory scenes.