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Colorado Narrow Gauge in HOn3

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  • Colorado Narrow Gauge in HOn3

    Greetings Folks,

    For some reason and for quite some time I resisted modeling the Colorado narrow gauge and I can't for the life of me figure out why. But recently I've seen the light and have been collecting some of the excellent RTR Blackstone, Micro-Trains and MMI models for a small(ish) HOn3 Colorado project. I've also been collecting Rail Line, Durango Press and others to assemble.

    I've finally started on some of the kits I've got on my shelf... I started with a Durango Press Pipe Gondola kit that I modified into a regular gondola:

    It still needs more decals and some weathering, but it's a start!

    More soon!


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    Nice job Cody....keep in mind that D&RGW is a "special blend of addictives" much much to much excellent research many rivet counters........tom

    Looking forward to more of your "addiction"...tom


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      Nice model. I look forward to seeing more.

      I think you are not alone in "resisting" HOn3. I think it was the lack of affordable locomotives. That is changing fast.

      I too have been bitten by the bug. I hope to be more "narrow minded" in the future.



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        Nice start with the gon and nothing could be finer. I always heard that the big drawback to HOn3 was the poor running motive power. But with the new breed of engines today, especially Blackstones K-27, that no longer holds true. looking forward to seeing your plans for the railroad.

        Peter [:-kitty]


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          Great looking car Cody! This really is an awesome time for HOn3. Now if only some manufacturer would start making more turn of the century products...I'd love for Blackstone to do an original 1903 version of the K-27 and I can't wait for their next loco (rumored to be a C-18 perhaps!)


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            Nice car, Cody. Paul, Peter and Chris are right. Now that there are these high quality affordable Blackstone and MMI locos, HOn3 becomes a very interesting scale.