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  • Welcome to the Erie -and- Lackawanna Forum!

    Welcome to the Erie & Lackawanna Forum! There are many of us that remember these two great railroads from 'back when'...back when we commuted into Jersey City or Hoboken, back when we lived along the mainlines, or back when we were railfanning in those final days before the merger or before Conrail. All posts are welcomed and we'll try to answer you questions. Particularly needed are photos of rolling stock, motive power, or structures that modelers and fans can use. Got some personal experience stories? Share 'em here! It's your Erie & Lackawanna Forum!


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    Back in the fities, took a ride on the line from the terminal in Buffalo southwest along the Lakeshore and returned by school bus i remember the grain silos in the Harbor. Maybe that's why I am so fascinated by them to this day.


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      My great-grandfather was stationmaster in Wimmers (Wayne County PA, the old Erie & Wyoming line, if I remember right) for a couple of years at the end of the previous century. That station (one of the famous 'pagoda' designs) is now the church administration building for St John's in Hamlin. They're taking great care of the building.

      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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        I grew up in Nanticoke,Pa and I remember the DL&W "Bloom" across the river in West Nanticoke.There was the H&N (Hanover and Newport) branch that came across the river and into the Loomis breaker. A line also went out to the Auchincloss breaker on the south side of Nanticoke. The line also branched out to the Bliss colliery and the Truesdale colliery.All of this is now gone unfortunately.


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          Hmmmm, it only took 13 years and nine months to get a response to this forum!


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            So you are saying we are way ahead of schedule?


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              My grandfather, from Glen Ridge, NJ, used to work as a switchman for the Delaware Lakawanna & Western RR back in the early part of the last century. He told me about having to go out in the blizzards to free-up frozen switches. Tuff generation.

              Here's a picture of a knuckle busting monkey wrench he must have forgotten to bring back to the shop one evening. I still cherish that old tool today.



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                The real joy is that you have something special to remember him by.

                Although not railroad related, I have a Crucifix from my great grandfather. It will be passed on to my daughter and then to my grand daughter when she is old enough to appreciate the significance of something held in the family for six generations.


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                  "So you are saying we are way ahead of schedule?"

                  Probably "better late than never" would be more accurate.


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                    I lived just a stone's throw from the Erie mainline growing up and saw many Alco Rs2 diesels pulling Stillwell coaches in commuter service. Sometimes they were pulled by Alco PAs, too. The freights were either pulled by Geeps or Alco FT lashups. Since the town's Erie station was only a few houses away, I rode the commuter trains to Hoboken and remember the Lackawanna ferries to NYC very well. Great memories!


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                      Only just noticed "activity" on this thread.

                      I have the privilege to participate in ops sessions monthly on a DLW/Erie layout. Layout set for early 50's. Passenger operations, both long haul (Erie Limited, Buffalo and Scranton trains, and commuters) worked in among the freight locals and line hauls. Hoboken passenger terminal, Jersey City yard and car float, branch to Port Jervis, intense switching at Washington, Dover, and Wharton. Port Morris yard hub of operation.


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                        I used to work out of Hoboken terminal which was owned by the Erie & Lackawanna.


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                          hello I'm Alessia from Italy. First, excuse for english mistakes! I like old USA ads and in general advertising from USA. I d like to find a old Phoebe Snow postcard of Lackawanna railroad, could someone help me? thanks!! kind regards


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                            Originally posted by ale2405

                            hello I'm Alessia from Italy. First, excuse for english mistakes! I like old USA ads and in general advertising from USA. I d like to find a old Phoebe Snow postcard of Lackawanna railroad, could someone help me? thanks!! kind regards

                            slimrails Russ the first one that started this thread he collects Post Cards PM him.

                            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                              Hi all...I grew up in Clifton (1940-50s), right off Broad St. and had a great view of the RR from my bedroom riding the upgrade to go around Garret Mt. I can remember steam locos doing the job and then the E8s. Counting the cars of long freights. Then the Garden State Parkway ended it all[:-cry]. The change in Main St. Passaic when the EL RR left... No more trains going through the city. Lots of history around Clifton, Paterson and Passaic. I want to model a section of E & W Railway Ave. in the Clifton / Paterson area and the NJ Flour Co. in Modular N scale.