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  • Another frenchman on board!


    I am really happy to join this group and I'm really impressed by what I saw/read so far.

    While I'm not new to model railroading, my activity on this subject was "suspended" a number of years due to a very demanding job. Finding enough time for your hobby is always challenging ;-)

    Anyway, while I'm mostly interested by narrow gauges (I have a small metric gauge layout at home), I'm also fan of two North American railroads: the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Canadian National.

    For the C&O, my era is late 40's, early 50's and the subject is the coal branchlines. I have a project to make a shelf layout in HO scale inspired by Tony Koster's 'Coal Fork' extension...

    For the Canadian National, my era is early/mid-50's, because of the still high mix of steam and diesel power. Area is south Ontario, Windsor area. Why there? First, because my father lived there a few years in the 50's before coming back to France. Secondly because of the high mix of companies sharing the track rights CNR, CPR, CASO/NYC, PM/C&O... (I'm still trying to understand how all this worked...)

    Another project in HO scale, but still nothing started due to lack of time and space.

    Space is often an issue in Europe where few people have a basement or attic to dedicate to our favorite hobby. That's why I have been looking into the Z scale, because I could do something interesting on an only one meter long module. This is especially true since I have seen the release of CN GP-7 by MTL. So maybe...

    I'm sure I will find here people sharing the same passion and subjects and help me to make my projects real!

    Bruno "Spike"

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    Welcome aboard the Railroad Line!

    D&B Lumber Co.

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      Welcome. I can understand the demanding job as it affects your hobby participation. I suffer the same fate. When the time presents itself, take advantage of it, no matter how small the time window.


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        Welcome to the forum, Spike. Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself.


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          Welcome aboard, Spike!!!! Hope you enjoy the ride!!



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            Welcome aboard, Spike. Keep us posted on your layout when you get started.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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              Welcome Spike! With both my wife and I working full-time, then other time spent with 3 kids, scouts, sports, etc. I can also understand the lack of time issue. Ralph is right in that you take the small amounts of time you have and enjoy as much of the hobby as you can. It takes me FOREVER to get anything done, which is frustrating. However, I love this hobby and couldn't imagine my life without it!!! Find the time you can and appreciate it! The guys and gals on this forum will give you the motivation you need to keep it going! Enjoy the ride.


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                Welcome to the forum spike.


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                  Welcome Spike, enjoy!!


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                    Welcome to the forum, Spike. Glad to have you with us.


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                      Welcome to the forum and for your introduction Spike. Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to your contributions.
                      Ron Newby

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                        Welcome Spike. Looking forward to seeing some of your modeling.
                        Arnold Kimmons

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                        Royal and Edisto Railroad



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                          Spike: Welcome aboard. I am looking forward to seeing some of your modeling.
                          John Johnson

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                            Welcome Spike!


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                              Bienvenue, Spike Bruno. Welcome aboard. This is a great forum, full of people willing to share. Recently, there has been a few threads about Z scale, that featured some amazing scratchbuilt structures.