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  • Lunch Lounge Now Open!!

    G'Affernoon, Crew!!

    It's overcast again here at the Gateway to New England. The latest storm comin' up from a-Florida-way is going to bring more rain for the weekend...just in time to rain me out of my little 1:1 project! :erm: This is draggin' on a bit, now. I'll be off all next week, but wanted to have the concrete work finished by Monday so I can get the carpentry work goin'. [:-gnasher] Rats...I'll have absolutely NO choice but to work and slave over my model bench AGAIN! I just got back from a cold cut run over to Amity liverwurst, honey baked ham, salami, pepperoni, bologna, Swiss and American cheese, rye and wheat bread, fresh hardrolls, cole slaw, potatoe salad, fresh lettuce, farm fresh tomatoes lifted I mean donated from Bruce's garden, pickles, mustard, and mayo. Have at it, Crew! [:-chef] Cold soda and hot coffee ta wash it down with. Sorry, no Dutchman Ale until ya punch out! [:-bigmouth] So, what's new? I've been doin' a bit of paintin' on my baggage car...gittin' down to the wire on it now. Any big plans for the Labor Day holiday? For you postcard fans out there, I have some good ones on the way, so watch out for them! Okay, Friends...gotta get back to my coffee before I gotta get back to my desk. Grab a sammich and share a Good Word!

    Russ id="Comic Sans MS">id="blue">

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    Good afternoon folks

    We did not get any rain yesterday. We might get some today, however. We are supposed to get the remnants of Ernesto over the weekend and they have Flood Watches posted. Kyle had another disappointing football practice last night. It wasn’t his fault. He had to go to other team’s field to get his id photo taken. Our league has changed the rules from the teams doing the photo ids with a league representative present to the league doing the ids. His head coach took him. They waited in line for over an hour and by the time he got back there was only 20 minutes left in practice. He was really upset over having two wasted practices as he called them in a row.

    We are back in work today since the water is now running in the office after the water company repaired the water main.

    Despite having the day off I got nothing done on the layout or bench. I did a few things from the chore list around the house. I did have a lunch with Allen and his wife Beth. It was great to meet and talk with them. If I had known that I would have been off the whole day I could have made arrangements for a more interesting day with them.

    I hope everybody has a good day.


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      Nice spread, Russ. Thanks. :up:

      [:-hot]Yeah, the heat is back. What was supposed to have been a weekend in the low to mid-90's is now forecast to be in the low 100's through Sunday.[:-irked] Give you an idea of how the temps work in the L.A. area, we drove along the coast last weekend where the temp was a cool 71*. By the time we went over the hill to our place, a distance of maybe 20 miles, the temp was 96*!

      Not much modeling this week. It's been real hectic at the Foundation with even longer hours. We've got a big event coming up an this week we had a big volunteer group of 45 high school cheerleaders, along with 2 TV stations covering. Talk about :crazy: [:-scared] :crazy: [:-scared]

      Well, since tomorrow is September 01, and the start of the next round of Challenges, I need to check my inventory of bits and pieces to see what else I might need. Hopefully, I won't need too much. Should be fun.

      Catch y'all later.


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        Great lunch Russ,

        Sunny this morning and now its cloudy and chance of rain in the Hoosier state. The labor day weekend will be a busy one for sure. Our close freinds, and another couple from England will be with us for about a week. It should be a lot of late nights and great conversation to come. I will have to brush up on my british terms again.


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          Originally posted by trussman

          I will have to brush up on my british terms again.

          [:-tophat] BLIMEY!id="size3">id="Comic Sans MS">id="red"> [:-tophat]


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            Good afternoon from sunny and hot San Antonio. We are here visiting our son for a long Labor Day weekend. This morning we walked around some property that he has purchased up in the "Hill Country" north of San Antonio. If he ends up staying in this part of the country, he will probably have a house built there at some point. The views from his property were pretty impressive.

            We did bring some Jersey Tomatoes and one zucchini from the garden with us, and Bonnie will make some Zucchini Bread this afternoon.

            Well, time to check out the rest of the forum, and then go pick the grandkids up at school. Enjoy the rest of the day.


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              Good choice of items for a terrific sandwich.

              Sorry to hear about your overcast day. Here on the Cape it is sunny and warm(Beach day for sure) Guess we will see rain for Sun-Mon though....bummer.Guess I'll have to get back to the modeling bench now. Had a shoot this morning but now time to relax. Hve a great day all.


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                Good afternoon, guys. I've been on the go most of the day today but now I can finally settle in for the rest of the afternoon. I had mowing to get out of the way this morning, and then I ran some errands after lunch. We're leaving for the lake tomorrow morning and will be there for the next several days, so I needed to pick up a few items to take with us. But now..... I have the whole rest of the afternoon to do what I want....

                ...I think I'll take a nap.

                I started painting detail castings last evening for my woodcutter's diorama. Since I'm not sure yet which ones I'll actually use, I'm going to paint all of them.

                And that's about it for me. Have a good afternoon, all.


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                  Bright sun here in the mitten, however it was a mear 48 degrees upon getting up around 0700 this morning. Barely a cloud in the sky with a breeze. As I awoke with itchy poison ivy and the usual mid-night trip to the can around 4 again this morning I just took a little nap like Mike had planned and it was COLD from the breeze coming in the shade side of the house. DEfinite feel of autumn in the air. The [:x] and I went to a barn sale this am and their pumpkins were already bright orange and on display. I had to go back this afternoon with the truck as she filled up the back of her x-terra before she quit buying. When I returned the fellow had a piece of terra cotta glazed sewer tile for [:x] with the name of her hometown, Grand Ledge, MI. embossed right in the surface. Seemingly odd collectible but one of considerable interest there in town as there was a large industry making them up until the '60s. Here is one of the two plants taken from a railcar, see the brake wheel lower left area.

                  Time to get back to work, cleaning and preparing for family visitors Sunday.

                  Hope all have a great day.

                  BE SAFE!
                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

                  Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                    I never did get my nap, Karl. Did you?

                    (It's enough to make a grown man [:-grumpy] when he doesn't get his nappy-bye time. )


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                      ...Hey, I got my nap. This old man needs his beauty rest (No smart remarks either). Anyway, I did get the shredding done. I shred all papers, checks and bank statements and seeing as how we cleaned out the loft with the yard sale, I've been on the shredder for the past three nights. Man, what a lot of stuff but, at least it's done. Got the garage partly cleaned up and if the weather holds, I will finish the fence this weekend.

                      The weather has not been good up to now, as the storm bands from Ernesto are just passing thru. The weather weenies are saying that it should clear tomorrow and be a wonderful weekend. Good weekend for honey-do's too Of course, with all this water it will probably be time for you know whatid="green">.

                      Now that the garage is cleaned up (train room included) I will probably get back on the bench. It's time for some serious modeling and no more messin around...

                      Well, I'm going to read some more forum and then to bed with a cappacino and a good book; leesee now MR, NG&SLG, RMC??? the choice is so difficult

                      Have a good night y'all.