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  • Another Interesting Ebay Item!

    Here's another interesting item on eBay that has some bids for it. Take a look:

    Hmmmmm...looks interesting, right? Hey, it even has a PRR herald on it, right? Now, keep in mind the seller isn't making claims about this one and is being careful. He just describes it as a bell, which it is, with the PRR herald on it, which it does, and that it has a nice sound to it, which I'm sure it has, too. The question is if it a genuine piece of former PRR owned/issued material. Let's look closer. If you click on the larger picture, take a good look at the letter 'R' on the right side of 'PRR' and then at the letter 'R' on the left side. They're not the same. In fact, the right letter seems to be more crudely formed than the letter 'R' on the left. Would this be an acceptable engraving for purchase by the Pennsylvania Railroad? Also, just what the heck kind of railroad-related bell is this and what was it used for? Mmmmmmmmm...don't really know. It looks more like a 'marine-use' bell or even one made available for homeowner use, but not railroad use. It also has a poorly traced copy of the PRR herald engraved into it, possibly for personal use. This is not a genuine railroad bell. Although it is not presented as such, it also should not be thought of as such, either. Like the greatest living phiolosopher of our time, Yogi Berra, once said, 'You can see alot by observing.' id="Comic Sans MS">id="blue">

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    Why that is an o-fish-ul Pennsy clanging bell, that's what kind of bell it is!


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      Now, I may just have to back up a bit because I thought of something just after reading your post, Bruce. Even though the engraving is off, this COULD, and I'm very careful when I say this, it COULD have come from one of the PRR's marine equipment such as a lighter, tug, something like that. With no provinance, I'm suspicious. I mod a Railroad Marine board on another site, so I'll put out some questions to the tug 'n tow gang over there. In the meantime, don't spend yer money on it as yet. BTW, this is what one of the Pennsy herald designs looks like.


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        Wow Russ, your good! I'm enjoying reading your 'watch dog' reports of eBay items! This time I checked the item out before reading your description to see if I could figure out what was wrong. My immediate impression was that it didn't look like any type of railroad bell to me. My next impression was the logo, although you pointed out more incorrect details than I found. My assumption is that at some point, someone purchased this bell and had it engraved for their own personal use. I find it hard to believe, especially after seeing the 'faults' that you pointed out, that this is in any way, shape, or form an authentic PRR bell. I feel sorry for the poor fellow that paid over $150 for this thing!