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  • Your help needed please.

    Hi guys if anyone has a few mins to look at my web site you will see it is some what baron on scenic bit like trees grss and clour thus making it look very blan im not a scenic sort of guy to be honest gluless on what would look good bad or kill if anyone has some comments pleae tell me as i off on a mission this week doing things and i rather wait if you odea is better than spoil my hard work thus far ty.mike

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    Good day to you, Mike. We all need more scenery. For something that will change the way things look real quick as well as cheap, a bit of paint does it for me. I like to pick up some cheap paint that has been mixed wrong at the store. They sell it cheap here. You might find some folks around that have some left over from their last paint job also. If you get several small cans and mix some together you often can come up with a dirt color. Getting the bare boards covered is first step for me. If you have some sifted dirt and ground foam of different colors to spread out for grass that would be good to mix in on top of the wet paint. Some colored chunks of lichen or foam scattered around for small bushes would be next.Just some ideas thrown out to nudge you along. Really not important to get it all right but just do the paint before the grass. Bloody awful trying to paint between the bits of grass. :erm:


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      Thankyou for your reply i guess it what i like if im happy so be it good thing with plaint can always redo lol .mike