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Monday night - time for football or a Dutchman

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  • Monday night - time for football or a Dutchman

    Hey crew,

    Thought I would stop buy and clean up the lounge from this morning. WOW If your Mama seen this, she would tan a few hides.

    Tonight is no modeling...... period, I am taking the night off, officially. My name is not going on any call board this evening.

    This morning I was saying that it will be nice to work in the office where there is AC. And continued to say I felt sorry for anyone having to work in this heat. WELLLLLL...I should know better [:- banghead]Arrived at the office and sure enough the AC was out. Now mind you there are numerous furnaces/AC in the office, but the one that controls my office and another few rooms, which are unoccupied is the one that doesn't work. [:-hot]

    Of course I knew it would get hot, but WOW it was 85 by 10:00, 92 by noon, and a whopping 96 by 3:00. [:-hot][:-hot]Finally I said to myself that dripping on the keyboard wasn't a good idea. Mama didn't raise any fool here. So next time I open my mouth :crazy: [!]

    No football, but there are plenty of ICE cold Dutchmans in the ICE BOX. The lounge is nice and cool and (CLEAN). This is where I am staying. I promise not to grumble anymore, so come on in a have a cold one. We can always talk about winter coming!

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    GO PACKERSid="size5">id="green">....Oh!!! No Monday night football yet?...Bummerid="size4">id="blue"> :crazy: [:-cry][xx(]


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      Since the BROWNSid="brown">id="size3">id="Comic Sans MS"> have already decimated their free agent/draft prospects and this will be another id="size3">LOSINGid="red">id="Book Antiqua"> season. I'll have a Dutchman's, thank you [:-ashamed][:-bouncy][xx(][}]


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        Actually I think the COLTSid="size3">id="blue"> might do well this all the way.

        GO COLTSid="size6">id="blue">


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          Oh boy, a Dutchmans! Yep, make mine a tall one please.

          It was hot as a two peckered billy goat here today. Temps in the mid to high 90's with the heat index over 100. Phew. About 1 p.m. or so the power decided to go out. Apparently a transformer that controls several blocks of my city was overloaded and decided to blow. If your a transformer and your going to blow, might as well do it right at the height of the heat. So.... piled the family into the car and we went for a long drive. Didn't see any trains (our drive ran parallel to the Candian National mainline from Sarnia to Lansing).

          We decided to go out and eat, and on the way home we spotted the Outback blimp hovering over the local airport. It is in town to film the Buick Open golf tournament this week, which is held at Warwick Hills Golf Club, conveniently located about 15 minutes from me. One of the holes has the privaledge of being known as the rowdiest hole on the PGA tour. I have to admit, I usually go and watch, it is rather fun.

          Well, no railroading for me today.... so I'll just check out the rest of the forums and smoke down a couple of Dutchmans.

          D&B Lumber Co.

          "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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            Well, at least there are two real football fans here! [}][:-football]

            [:-football][:-football][:-football] GO COLTS [:-football][:-football][:-football]id="blue">

            id="Comic Sans MS">

            That said, I'll have a Dutchman Ale if you please.


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              Hey Tim and Walt. Do you really think your going to take it all this year. Yes, you got Adam V. from the Pats, but the PATRIOTSid="size5">id="red"> have your #

              And I'll have a Sam Adams Ale thank you


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                Hey, Crew...I'll have a cold GINGER ale, myself...lots o' ice! Man, is it warn and muggy out! [:-bigmouth] Yeah, no MRRing here, either. Monday is my turn to make dinner [:-chef] for the [:-love] who works late and comes home draggin'. [:-knockout] Two dangerous catalogs came in the mail for me today...the Monthly Walthers Report and the latest tool catalog from Craftsman. There is absolutely NO end to the things for me to spend my hard earned dollars on now, is there? [:-propeller] Well, I'm a gonna surf around a bit and see what else is going on. See yuzzall in the morning!



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                  Good evening, gents. I did manage to get quite a bit done outside today, in spite of the heat. Now I won't fee guilty about not doing much tomorrow.

                  Boy, the way you guys are going thru the Dutchman's, I better get brewing another batch. A cold one does hit the spot on these hot days, though.

                  I ballasted a small section of track tonight, but that is about all. I've been sketching a structure or two, so some scratchbuilding might be in my near future. It's time to take a break from the scenery work.

                  I think that I'll go sit in the easy chair and read a spell. Enjoy the rest of the evening.


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                    Don't even think about it guys...the PACKERSid="size5">id="green">are going all the way [:-blindfold]

                    Now...I'll take two Dutchman's and a bag of peanuts.
                    In memory of Mike Chambers


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                      GO CHIEFSid="size6">id="red"> id="Script MT Bold">Looks like Monday night football cant come quick enough! Weather: yep, its hotter than the [:-devil][:-hot]! Mowed the lawn, watered the shrubs and trees. No Mrr tonight just rest. Y'all have a good evening!id="Georgia">


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                        Thanks for cleaning up the lounge Tim. I'm afraid after all the beer drinking by this rowdy football crowd the place is going to look worse that when you started. What the heck, I think I'll have a Dutchman's too.

                        No MRRing this evening. My wife's Norton runs out in a couple days so I bought the 2006 version. It should be a simple job to install it, but it ain't! :erm: I'm reinstalling it now after several attempts to remove Norton from her computer. I hope this try works.

                        See y'all in the morning.

                        "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." Captain A. G. Lamplugh


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                          Evenin' Crew

                          ...wicked hot here today as everywhere else , I'm sure .COLTSid="blue">id="size6">They are asking us , on the news , to conserve energy ( in Canada we call it Hydro ) by turning off lights , not using appliances like washers and dryers during the day COLTS id="size6">id="blue"> ....and turn UP the thermostat 5 or 10 degress so the A/C won't kick in as much COLTS id="size6">id="blue"> I guess we can do our small part during this heat wave COLTS id="size6">id="blue"> ....looks like power is out over near Karl O's , not sure if he is affected or not .

                          Not much mrring tonight .

                          Have a goodie , Terry .

                          Oh , NFL ?? ...let me see


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                            Ok guys, 1 more round and then we have to go!!!!

                            George, I can tell you that I won't be opening in the morning. The wastebasket is full, the dumpster is full, and the fridge is almost empty.

                            HEY BRUCE!id="size6">

                            Perhaps Bill will open the other lounge in the morning. Since Rusty and I have converted him to be a COLTSid="size5">id="blue"> fan.

                            Want to hear an update on my AC blues, the fan motor is shot. Won't have one for a couple days.

                            Perhaps I will have one more Dutchman. [:-sing]


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                              [:-paperbag]Go Saintsid="red">id="size5">[:-paperbag]