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  • Woodward Dream Cruise

    It's almost that time again as the Detroit - Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise is set to get under way on Saturday , August 19th . In actuality , cruisers come from far and wide up to 2 weeks in advance .

    Any RRLers going to be in the area that day ? I'll be going over to beautiful downtown Berkely MI again . From there , the bad-to-the-bone Karl O. , the Lovely Janice O. and the Infamous Teejay will hobble over to Woodward near 11 mile road to enjoy the sights .

    We'll be easy to spot ....just look for the cops / fire department / swat team ( or all of the above ) as we are sure to cause some trouble .....well NOT me , I'm pure as the driven snow , but that Karl is a different story .

    Anyone , anyone ??


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    Hmmmm. I'll check with the boss and see whats happening that day. If I'm free, maybe I'll hook up with gents.

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      Wish I could join you - I grew up around 10 Mile and Woodward. When the lions at the Zoo roared, it sounded like they were on the other side of our hedge. If we forgot to warm visitors, their reaction was pretty funny. We also had the zoo's peacocks wandering around in our yard pretty regularly. And then there was the time when all the monkeys got loose from monkey island

      I'm afraid it's a bit too far from Pittsburgh...



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        Went to the Dream Cruise once, it was a blast, even tho the Galaxie got a bit hot and quit in the heat. Berkley is a great area along Woodward to watch the extravaganza that is beyond words. People were just plain having a great time. Strangers helped us when the car quit and folks on a side street we pushed it onto to cool off treated us like family. My wife especially liked it when one gentleman asked me if my daughter would like to use the facilities and offered us refreshments.

        Don, that zoo experience sounds like a fun memory. One of our neighbors has peacocks, while they don't get loose their plaintive screaches on the stillest nights sound like a woman calling for help.... can be unsettling to the uninformed, as well. When I was a Dep Sheriff we spent 2-3 hours one night checking an rural area until someone called and having heard us on his scanner informed us of peacocks on a farm a mile away. Sure enoough that was what was being heard. Just often enough to spur further checking until they were found.
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          Sorry, Terry. Poor planning again on our part. We will be out visiting our Michigan son next weekend. It look like we will miss the Howell Melon Festival as well.


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            Zoo ? Lions ? Noise ? I thought all that was coming from Karl's house !

            If they had a railroad track near the Dream Cruise , this would be a cool railcar to show up in .

            Geoff Elliott sent me this pic from Rail Images .



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              Teejay... the street brings back fond memories... BTW, in the "avenue" there is a great shop where they sell incredible flowers and fresh fruit.[:-apple].....near KARL's place....I think that is where Janice bought the meat pies ?????

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