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2 TRAIN SHOWs in a row..

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  • 2 TRAIN SHOWs in a row..

    tryedc to reload and edit and it wiped out everything ,,,So any why I had 2 trian shows to do this weekend did them both on satarday started out at the Train Expo in downtown Orlando fl,more of big train stuff not much of H.O stuff ,than headed home and my dad said i could make it to the Deland show ,so got there a 2:00 and they shut down at 3;00 just made it.and glad i did heard this nut job yelling across the building and it was Bill Hunter of Hunterscenery co. He was happy to see me and said that he had 75 hits off my site and 27 paid for product,,,so he handed me 2 new laser wood kits,Tree kits,5 lbs.of gray gravel,and other building supplys made out like a bandit,plus got in for free , and spent 25 at that show ,so ill add whats left to my train fund$ for Oct,14th train show. photos of show

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    Sounds like you had a very rewarding day. BTW your second photo is not visible.

    Its fun to go to train shows especially if you find a bargain, or something new that you have never seen before.


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      Love train shows, wish there were more in Michigan during the summer... they are almost non-existant.

      D&B Lumber Co.

      "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"