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accessing outlook express(email) on the road??

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  • accessing outlook express(email) on the road??

    I know alot of you guys travel on business so can someone tell me if it is possible to access my account from a library while away?? Thanks Pat

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    For email basicly you would just go to your internet provider site For me I use shaw so I goto there site then click on shawmail and login under my email address then enter password and I'm in[:-bouncy]


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      I did basically as Lynn says when I traveled a lot. It might be worth while to check with your ISP to see if it would be the same with your company.


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        When I travel I have access to my email in two ways. First Rich and Wickman are correct about checking with your current internet provider. My guess is they have web email that you can access when you are connected.

        The other method I use to use was email forwarding, I have an email account with Yahoo, as well. When my internet provider did not have its own webmail, it did give me the ability to forward my mail to another account, which for me was my yahoo account. Yahoo has email free, you just need to set up an account.

        Lastly, you might just be able to connect at the hotel and access your email via your outlook program. This is becoming much more common as the hotels have changed their firewalls to allow this kind of access.

        Hope this helps.


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          Some premium accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail will allow you to access your POP mail accounts. Some others may too. A friend of mine has a Yahoo premium account (around $20.00 a year), and often accesses his Outlook Express mail while at work and when away from home using his laptop in motel rooms.