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Friday night__lounge -__time to unwind.

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  • Friday night__lounge -__time to unwind.

    Well its been one of those weeks, when you say to yourself, Friday could not come quick enough.

    I decided to stop by and sweep up around the lounge. I noticed the fridge has plenty of that new light ale that everyone is talking about. (Dutchman's lite). Plenty of tapes to watch, and popcorn for later. Think I will grab a cold one and relax in the rocking chair and enjoy the evening right here. If you get a chance, stop by and share your agenda for the weekend.

    Got home an hour or so early today and went right to work on some scenery. I wanted to get a few square feet done today so it would have time to dry over night. That way I would I could make adjustments before I get going to tomorrow. I also tried a new technique with goop by pressing small rock castings directly into the goop while wet, then continue to finish the scenery in one step. I really like how this worked and can see no reason to change this approach in the future. Check it out if you wish at and tell me what you think.

    Tape is off and running, so I got to go. Turbines over the Wahsatch.....ahhhhhhhhh

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    Good evening, Tim and anyone else who meanders in here.

    Well, I'm back at home in my favorite place in the world to be, the Lake of the Ozarks. Yep, the same lake that is now officially the 3rd most dangerous waterway in the U.S., according to the U.S. Coast Guard! According to the Coast Guard's latest published "study," only the Atlantic Ocean and the Colorado River rank higher. Oh well, I no longer race my SeaDoo.... I just crooooze....down.... the... channel.... Anyhoo.....

    Tim, your method of attaching rock castings is essentially the same method I've been using for the past few years. The only difference is that I've been using colored Sculptamold instead of "ground goop." However, I'm planning to try the ground goop once I get back to work. I really like the results you and Bruce have gotten with it on your layouts.

    As for my weekend's agenda, other than mowing the grass I have no particular plans. The heat wave here in the middle of the country has finally broken, and it's actually safe to spend some time just sitting outside or taking the boat out on the water. So I think my weekend is going to be pretty much laid back. [:-cowboy]

    Have a good evening, all.


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      Been a heck of a week for me too! Tuesday I had a tooth pulled and yesterday I had knee surgery. I'm wondering what's gonna happen this weekend!


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        Good evening, gents.

        I managed to weather most of the track on the Quarry Branch, and ballasted a few more feet as well. Hopefully, I will get time tomorrow to do some more.

        I stopped by MRPO to pick up a bottle of PolyScale Rust paint, and found out that my Atlas Trainmaster (CNJ) was in, as were some Champ Decals to letter some steamers for the Lackawanna. I turned out to be a bit more expensive trip than I originally envisioned.

        Speaking of ground goop, Bonnie and I stopped at a craft store today to pick up some more Celluclay. I will probably mix up a batch tomorrow.

        Time to read a bit before heading to bed. Enjoy the rest of the evening.


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          Mike, it sounds like it is going to be a nice weekend to get outside and enjoy some summer with it not being so d... hot.

          The goop thing has been a good thing and I really think you will like it. It is different texture and it gives you a bit more freedom to do things easier. Mainly becasue of the paint and glue in the mix. I will be anxious to hear how it workd for you .

          Anton, WOW, I thought I had a bad week. Be careful this weekend.


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            Evening crew,

            My wife and I spent the evening with an old freind and showman...Alice Cooper. He gave a concert at the county fair. After 33 years, the man can still perform.

            My heads still ringing and it's time for bed.

            18...18...I'm 18 and I like it[:-spin][:-sing]
            In memory of Mike Chambers


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              Hello everyone! Figured I'd stop in for a spell and enjoy one of those Dutchman's! Can't stay tool ate because unlike you guys, I still have to work tomorrow. :erm: The good news is once work is over, the railroading starts! [:-jump2]

              Tomorrow night the gang comes over for another session on the Northern Division. Always fun to have the guys over and bring the railroad to life once again. Then, I'm up early Sunday morning and heading down to LVRALPH's Wyoming Division to operate there. I think while I'm there, I'll check out his blast furnace project and see what it really looks like in person.

              So, while you guys are outside cutting lawns, working in gardens and melting in the heat, I'll be enjoying the cool atmosphere in basements running trains! [:-jumprefect] Ah, there's always tomorrow to get the yard work done!

              Hey Tim, I've been following your progress and your scenery looks simply awesome! I love your step by step tutorials. Keep them coming.

              Aw, what the heck, hand me another one of those Dutchman's!