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  • Thursday Evening 'Come in from the Heat' Lounge

    Since I was here in the Lounge delivering a batch of cold Dutchman Ale for the fridge, I thought that I'd leave the lights on for any hot and weary crew member who might stop by. In the hotter weather, I brew a somewhat lighter ale - similar to the 'California Craft Ale' style, so I hope that you like it.

    The vegetable garden is starting to produce nicely. We have picked 8 or 9 zucchini's and an equal number of cucumbers so far, and we ate our first ripe tomato tonight in nice salad that also featured cukes and fresh basil from the garden. We have also been enjoying both blackberries and raspberries from our bushes. Bonnie baked a Chocolate Zucchini Cake from Rich Beau's recipe today, and it is very, very good! It is amazing what tips you pick up here on the Forum!

    I ballasted another length of track tonight, and I am about ready to head back down to weather some more track.

    Stay cool, and enjoy the ale!

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    Good Evening, Bruce & thanks for opening. Yeah, got the ol' a/c units chuggin' away here at The four win-der units goin' right now and we're lookin' ta buy a 5th for the Guest Room...our esteemed August Guests won't exactly go for an un-a/c'ed room next month now! [:-bigmouth] [:-hot] I'm getting ready to put together my [:-love]'s resume and get it out to a prospective employer...someplace where she doesn' have to be on her feet all day. :crazy: Maybe later on I'll get back to The Bench. Big driving day tomorrow...gotta go see client locations from one end o' the state to another and clear across inta Massamachoossetz. Okay, Gang...gotta get to work here...I'll check in later. Keep the soda cold for us dry types, hear?


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      Must be salad night...I'm munching on one as I type. Sure is nice to have a cold Dutchman's to wash it down. Thanks Bruce.

      My Gravely was delivered today. That little plastic box sure is full. Might be the last building on FOS Scale Drive. We'll see.

      Right now I'm carving bricks into a plaster wall I poured for a diorama. Taking a trip into large scale to give the eyes a rest. So far 1/2" scale has been a treat.

      Have a great evening...
      In memory of Mike Chambers


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        Evening ! Thanks for the [:-drunk]cold Dutchmans ale!id="green"> Just got back from dinner and thought I'd check the forum. Yep its still hot, they shut down some local streets due to the asphalt was melting and some poor guy got his P/U stuck in the quagmire and not to forget the buckleing concrete.As for Mrrng, Ive been busy adding a grill and sound to my gas mech.It has been a fun project.also also ive been getting motivated on some scenery. Ive added a small stream to the mountain. trying to get to the seal and painting stages so then the choice's are going to be the WS "heat and pour" water or their newer style of pourable self healing water. any one have any personal preference? Most people I have talked to about either the choice is the new and improved product. I had better git going... stay 8D [:-cold]cool! id="Georgia">


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          Good evening, guys. I honestly can't say I've come in from the heat, since I never went out into it today. The temp didn't reach its forecast high of 105, but it did make it to 100 before the "cold" front moved through. On the plus side, tomorrow is supposed to be 25 degrees cooler and rainy - FINALLY!!

          I spent all day working on updating another page on my site. Now that I've got it finished and online, I'm not sure I like it all that well. I think I may split it up into 3 separate, shorter pages. Oh well.... :erm:

          Bruce, I'd have one of those Dutchman's but I've already poured a glass of chablis... cheap box stuff, but chablis nonetheless.


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            I will take a cold one of that lighter ale brew.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

            Busy, Busy day at the office buying lumber and trying to the the outside sales staff to see things differently. WOW :erm: Of course you retiree's don't need to hear this kind of stuff...

            Going to head down to the basment to check out a plaster pour I did last night to see if the stream bed is now nice and level. xx my fingers.....I will be back for another ale later Bruce, keep the light on please.

            Russ, Would not central air be more economical in the long run?


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              One more do you get berries with Bears around. Julie and I have all the rouble we want with birds on our bushes.


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                Good Evening Crew :

                ...yeah , another hot , very muggy one ....even worse when you run back and forth indoors and outdoors at work . BUT , we have been fortunate in that we get a rain every few days just before the lawn and flowers start to dry out , so that has been good ( unlike some other recent years )

                I've been working very slowly at my Earl's Oil , all the while thinking of the larger diorama I want to build using Earl's , a gas station and machine shop from Surrey Custom Models , and a number of old transport trucks . I'm still thinkin' ...maybe that's dangerous

                Not much else happening ...I'll stay with my Chardonnay thanks ,Bruce .

                Later , Terry


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                  Originally posted by trussman


                  One more do you get berries with Bears around. Julie and I have all the rouble we want with birds on our bushes.


                  Up till now, the birds and the bears have left them alone. We hope that it contines.


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                    Good evening crew. When I saw Bruce had opened the lounge, I knew there was a fresh batch of Dutchman Ale in the fridge.

                    I just returned home from the club and the beer hits the spot. I ran my shay from one end of the layout to the other and had to endure a lot of moaning and groaning from the other engineers at the train's slow speed. The dispatcher had to run other trains around it, but it all worked out. I don't know how long it took, but with a 16 mile run, it took a while. I made the mistake of running from west to east so the primary view of the train was of the north (left) side of the loco - not as nice as the right side with the three cylinders thrashing away.

                    See y'all in the morning.

                    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                      Howdy dudes. Just thought I'd stick my head in here and give a yodel. My gardens are looking real nice. Keeps me busy with building the new deck and all. My wife went mad this year and now we have just over 65 planters.[:-hypnotized]

                      No modeling for me right now, but i do get to do a little carving every now and again. My bench is still sitting the same as I left it, a little more dusty though.

                      The novelty of the gardens is waning and I find myself thinking about the fall when the weather chases me in doors and modeling season is back in full swing again. New projects and ideas.

                      Thanks for the Dutchman, Bruce, but I am a cheap drunk. 2 beers and I'm toasted. :crazy:

                      Keep the flags flying.

                      Christopher [:-clown]
                      Clowning around with trains.


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                        "Heat", well the suns shining down here in Oz but there's little heat to speak of. Anyway the weekend's arrived and so who's complaining? Not me mate! It is the middle of winter here after all.


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                          Originally posted by TrainClown

                          Howdy dudes. Just thought I'd stick my head in here and give a yodel. [:-clown]

                          Now I know what woke me up at 1:38:49 AM!!!!id="red">id="size3">id="Comic Sans MS"> [:-censored]


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                            Clowning around with trains.