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Thursday AM, fixin to blow up a Cloud!

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  • Thursday AM, fixin to blow up a Cloud!

    HEavy weather is minutes away, the[:-sonar] shows the following, I am at the tip of the white arrow right at the orange dot.

    This image from WLNS-tv ch-6 radar in Lansing.

    Hope fully all here have a great day. The day went well yesterday for me. Today we are "on call" as the Doll[:x]'s daughter in law is in the early stages of impending parenthood. She's had some medical problems and is in the hospital in K'zoo. I guess we are going to head that way sometime to see if we can be of some assist. I told them I've delivered two babies but not up to date on doing that.

    Did a little painting on my Jordon Mack last night after my road trip to Mom's.

    Well, gotta run, hope everyone has a great day. I intend to batten down the hatches and hope tht the power stays on if/when the storm hits. It is darkening out and we've had a touch of very light precip so far.

    BE SAFE!!!
    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

    Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022

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    Good morning folks

    We are still recovering here in the Delaware Valley from Tuesday’s storms. Amazingly where we live we did not lose power this time. Many times in the past we have lost power when dark clouds gather. My kids went to the Department of Recreation program yesterday and over half the kids there did not have power. We went shopping in the local Target store that did not have power. They did have enough power to operate emergency lights and cash registers. There are still many closed roads in the area and the local power company has brought crews in from out of state to help.

    I finished the touch-ups on the ground paint on the layout. I also began adding green ground cover to the hillside with the wing wall and rock face. I also finished weathering the trucks on the P2K CNJ caboose.

    Karl, good luck with storms. The weather mis-forecasters here are warning us about them coming our way later tonight or tomorrow.

    I hope everybody has a good day.


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      Good morning,

      Speaking of weather...we're awaiting the arrival of tropical storm Beryl. I'm located a little inland, but Cape Cod, and the Islands are supposed to catch the brunt of it.

      I guess I'll get my lawn mowed while I can, then retreat to the office to work on Baxter's.

      I hope everyone has a great day.



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        Karl, Duck!


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          Good morning to the entire crew. It looks like we will be having a beautiful summer day here in northern NJ, with temps only reaching the upper 70's. Yesterday's low 80's were pleasant enough that I was able to work outside most of the day. I will be heading outdoors again shortly to take advantage of this great weather.

          I did spend a little time adding some ballast to track approaching the Quarry Branch yesterday evening. I will continue with weathering and ballasting track in the area over the next few days.

          Well, time to get going. Karl, hunker down, guy.


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            Good morning everyone. Glad no one has lost any power. Here on the Cape, as Scott said, are awaiting the arrival of Bertl. No big deal though. Hey Scott. come on down and enjoy the excitement. Now I will do some early errands and then go to the dungeon to continue my work on BM's Motif 1's sea shack[

            Have a great day everyone


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              GOOOOOOD MORNING all! I am about 1 hour or so south-east of Karl, just off of his map to the right. As he has stated, we're in for it again today. As I'm typing this, the thunder boomers are enormous! I love the sound of thunder and the way it echoes off of the earth. There's something neat about that.

              I spent several hours making some more trees yesterday. I adjusted my normal method to try a certain way of installing the foliage, per the suggestions of Matthew Graff and Belg. I found that by incorporating their ideas with my own, I still get a fairly reasonable representation of a "generic" pine tree. I made some additional comments about this in the thread on the logging forum.

              Today, a little on-line work for my U of M class, then packing for a weekend get away to northern Michigan (God's country, as we like to call it [:-angel])

              Gonna go check out the rest of the forums, have a great day all, and keep 'em on the tracks!

              D&B Lumber Co.

              "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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                Originally posted by kay4pacific

                Good morning everyone. Glad no one has lost any power. Here on the Cape, as Scott said, are awaiting the arrival of Bertl. No big deal though. Hey Scott. come on down and enjoy the excitement. Now I will do some early errands and then go to the dungeon to continue my work on BM's Motif 1's sea shack[

                Have a great day everyone

                Ah Bill...I think I'll take a rain check on that invitation. (pun intended)



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                  Good Morning, Crew!!

                  Rain and T-Storms, eh? We're having a tropical storm blow up our way here in the Northeast today. [:-scared] If you need more wind and rain out your way, Karl, we'll send it on out to you! I've really fallen down on the field with my MRRing this week. [V] If it aint one thing it's another. Tonight it's my [:-love]'s resume, tomorrow it'll be The Big Search [:-magnify] for tax return copies for paperwork I need to submit to The State. I have a number of lucrative bids into prospective clients here at work and just had a proposal meeting for a good sized contract this past Wednesday. My fingernails are all knawed off on one hand and I'm working on the other. [:-shake] We'll see, but I have to get out and beat some more bushes. In the meantime, my best account is about to hand 8 more work locations over to me! [:-bouncy] Ahhhh...whatever happened to those easy, cold winter nights when I would sit up in my little warm office at home, at my workbench, tinkering away while the snow gently fell outside? THEY GOT RUN OFF BY REAL LIFE, THAT'S WHERE THEY WENT TO! id="red"> Oh, well...maybe this weekend! [:-dopey]



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                    Good Day All,

                    Luckily, the intense heat spell only lasted a few days, and yesterday and today are really comfortable enough to go outside and hand-mow the neglected lawn. What a difference ten or so degrees makes to my disposition.

                    Well, even after the fourth promise, Brett has failed to supply the missing items (.........pants on fire). I built the fences for Quincy Salvage, (the chain-link was a new, and very ticklish experience), the lean-to driveway, applied signs all around the elevations, and built the trestle bents last night, as well as the small steps. Today I'll finish the trestle and track, then do some more work on the dio base and do some more painting of the castings. At this point, none of the walls are assembled yet, as I continue to do some minute detailing here and there, as it occurs to me.

                    Well, it's overcast here in the outer city, I better get out and mow the last patch before it rains again.

                    Stevie O'


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                      Good morning, All,

                      Well, the scorching heat continues.[:-boring] Temps are looking at 101* today, 108* Friday, 111* Saturday and 107* on Sunday. In fact, the National Weather Service has issued the following:



                      That means very little modeling over the weekend. It's just gonna be too hot. I am going to try and get the track cleaned early tomorrow morning and maybe run a mixed train just for fun. But that's probably gonna be it. :erm:

                      Anyway, have a great day, stay cool, and we'll catch y'all later.


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                        Steve, the forecast for your area looks similar to ours, except the numbers for our area are a little higher. It was already 84 when I got up this morning, and we're headed toward 105 later. But with the high humidity from the gulf saturating the air, the heat index will likely hit 120 this afternoon. The only saving thing is that a cool-down and possible rain should move through the KC area late tonight.

                        Well, good morning, guys. And a hot one it is. I haven't decided whether to sit here in my office and work on my website redesign or head to the basement and start some much needed cleaning. My layout has become a haven for spiders (again!!) [:-irked] and it needs a thorough cleaning. But so does the whole basement. So much so that it makes me tired just thinking about it. So maybe I'll just stay here in my office.....

                        Have a good day, everyone.


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                          WEll, the big storm passed with all of 1/10 inch of rain and adding to the humidity, has to be 100% as it is like a tropical terrarium outside. However, the temp is downright frigid at 82 compared to Mike and Steve in the West. Radar at noon showed the mess passing Cigarguy's area.

                          Russ, we could use more rain as while it is temporarily wet the deep moisture is well below averages.
                          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                          Cedar Swamp
                          SW of Manistique, MI

                          Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                            Good afternoon crew. We're missing the storms and super hot weather here in Tidewater Virginia. I'm almost feeling guilty.

                            I had to do a run to the commissary this morning, then I watched the end of today's stage in the Tour and I just finished an easy bike ride. Next is the grass. [V]

                            I did get started on my sound installation last night. After a lot of chasing wires, I finally felt confident enough to hook up the decoder to the pickup wheels and motor. I put the loco on the track and it ran the direction the arrow on the throttle said it was running.[:-jump2] Mounting the speaker is going to take some time, since it's being mounted under the coal load. I also have to apply decals and do some weathering.

                            Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids (Dutchman's is a fluid).

                            Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.