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    Again, thanks, guys. This whole project has kind of mushroomed on me. What started out to be a two- or three-page make-over has started to spread to other pages now. :erm: Oh well, it's about time. Some of those older pages haven't been updated in over 4 years. They're antiques in "web time." At any rate, it's somewhat time consuming, so I've set a goal of finishing all of them by the end of the year. And if I don't make it...... oh well....

    Dick, I'm taking the easy way out. I'm using a layout program called Freeway (from Softpress). It's essentially a page layout program, very similar to Adobe InDesign and PageMaker in concept, except that the layout and design is for web pages rather than print. So it does all of the html and java coding in the background. Like Adobe's GoLive and other similar programs, Freeway allows me to go into the coding, if I wish, and manually change or tweak things. I usually don't unless something's just not working at all or lining up properly in the browser window. I also use Photoshop and ImageReady for most of the graphics work.


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      Hi Mike, I've been away the past couple of weeks, so it was a joy to get back to the forum and to see your new website right off the bat. Man, it is a classic...I really enjoy the layout for the site you've chosen and the fact that when I run my cursor over the contents a picture materializes. Yours is one of the best sites I've seen in netherspace! I'll make sure to forward the link to all my Canadian buddies! :up: :up:
      Mike Hamer

      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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        Thanks for the nice comments, Mike. They're much appreciated.