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  • Philly Convention Get together

    The NMRA national in Philly is coming up soon. I don't know if any of our forum members will be in attendance. I will be opening my lyout (unofficially) on the travel days. That is the Sunday before, and the Sunday after the convention.

    I was considering having a RR line forum open house or op session if anyone was interested. I could do that during the week of the convetion if their was enough interest, or on either of these Sundays's. I am located about 30 to 45 min from the downtown convention site, 20 minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge, and about 15 minutes from the Lindenwold High Speed Line Lindenwold station. This is a 20 minute ride from downdown center city. If anyone is interested, please send me a private message.

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    Wish I was closer! Philly is more than a few hours drive for me, so I guess I won't be making it (he says with large dissapointment).

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      Since Ralph is advertising, so will I! Although I won't be having any operating sessions, my layout is open on 4 different tours during the week; Monday, Thursday, Friday nights and Saturday morning. I would like to invite any forum members who may not want or be able to get onto any of these tours the opportunity to stop in on any of these nights. As the event draws near and I am given confirmed info on the tours, I will post the info here.

      I will also be a co-presenter on the clinic "Operations on the CL&W", a clinic that focuses on how to set up and operate a car card and waybill system. John Rahenkamp and I have presented this clinic at local meets and it was very well received.

      It's going to be a busy week! Hopefully during the week I will get the chance to meet at least some of you there. Anyone else planning on attending the convention?


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        Due to some poor planning on my part, we will be spending two weeks on the beach in Aruba during that time period. Sorry to miss the National.


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          Even though I am NMRA member I will not be attending the convention itself. I am saving vacation days for later in the year. We do plan on attending the Train Show.


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            I'm still working out my logistics in going to the convention. I'll let you know!