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Saturday morning, just another day for the retired

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  • Saturday morning, just another day for the retired

    Just another day, the calender says SATURDAY. No big meal today, there are tickets on the counter for the Pancakes and Sausage Breakfast at the VFW Hall this morning.

    It is Maple Syrup festival time here in our adopted address VERMONTVILLE, MI. The little village you only go to because you want to because it isn't on the way to anywhere else. Not many go there except this last full weekend of April every year when it is transformed from the butt of every joke on lack of teeth, IQ points and intra-family marriages, "just cuz we're divorced, it don;t mean your not still ma sister....." into a nice, friendly small town all American town fest with all sorts of family fun from the carnival, flea market, parade and the highlight Maple Syrup soaked pancakes, maple sugar candy, maple candles and enough maple to satisfy the sweet tooth for weeks. Even one of the town watering holes taken over by probably 250 leather wearing Harley riders of the old school biker type.

    Well, the 1:1 shed is coming along, I got way behind yesterday with the trip to check out the broken water pipe at Mom's but today will get some more done as the early overcast seems to be thinning and it is getting brighter. We should be back from Festival by early afternoon and get back at the project. Still thinking over how to properly weather the thing.

    Hope all have a great day!

    BE SAFE!
    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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    Good morning Karl, and the rest of the crew. Ah, real maple syrup--there is nothing like it. We have a friend up in Vermont who makes his own and keeps us supplied. It is one of only a couple dozen vices that I have.

    Today is the day that I power up the lawn mower for the first time this season. I also have to once again head up on the roof to clean the maple leaf buds out of the gutters. After that, we will head to the mall to try to buy me a new suit. Even though I have a closet full, they are all too big now that I've slimmed down.

    Yesterday I made a few more rock castings, and dug a Campbell "Columbia Gazette Office" kit off the shelf. I picked it up at a local train show for $5 a while back. Someone had started working on it and given up. It has its "issues", but I will see what I can do with it.

    Well, time to get this show on the road. I will check in later. Have a great weekend!


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      Top of the morning everyone! The spring rains have finally come! It is nice to be relieved from the drought somewhat. Today weather wise its a great MRRday![:-jump2] this must be the mountain modeling season, seems several of us are modeling them.perhaps I should post my workings? the [:-love] and I are off to breakfast and enjoy the cool rain showers so Y'all have a good'n and take care! :up: id="Georgia">


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        Good Morning to the Guys hanging out at the Breakfast Bar! Hey Vermontville doesnt sound too safe for a Diabetic this weekend! ( Me) But it sure sounds good to have a stack of pancakes soaking up some of the warm mess!

        Bruce I beat ya to the punch and mowed last Saturday, Well my Brother-in-law was over and he wanted to start up the beast and go for a ride. He gets into riding anything that moves.

        Well thanks for the yummie stuff and wheres the OJ?????? Kevin


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          Good Morning, Crew!

          Yeah, it's a cool but bright and clear one here in the Springtime Splendor of the Naugatuck Valley! Today my Sweetie [:-love] and I are celebrating our anniversary guessed it...working on the house! [:-bigmouth] But tomorrow we're going to spend the day together cruising around and looking for tag sales and flea market activities. 8D I didn't get much done MRRing wise last night...just kinda puttered around. Tonight I need to get my bench cleaned up so I don't lose small parts everytime I sneeze! Well, gotta go...I'll check in later on in the morning. Have a good one everybody!



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            Good morning, guys, and a rainy one it is here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Almost 2" in the gauge and more on the way.

            It sounds like I've got all you guys beat when it comes to the first mowing of the season. I had to start mowing during the second or third weekend in March. But there won't be any mowing done today. Everything is too wet from all the rain. I just hope I can git 'er done sometime tomorrow.

            With the weather like it is, I guess I'm back to painting walls today. The upstairs hallway is on my agenda for today. And speaking of painting, my MSH's "Moffat's Bookstore" is just where I left it, and in the same half-painted condition it was in when I started painting the 1:1 walls back in February. Maybe I'll have a chance to get back to that sometime this weekend, if the weather stays rainy and nasty.

            Well, it's time for a second cuppa and a looksee at the active topics for this morning. Have a good one, everyone.


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              Good Morning Crew & to Karl, too,

              Thanks for opening Karl; I'm one hour closer to you Eastern and Mid-Western members. We're here in Brigham City, Utah, and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We're getting ready to leave for Lee's place at Corrine for a ten-hour operation session. Last night, after a sumptuous steak dinner in Ogden, Lee briefed us on operating his layout. The two Interchan ge cars really made his layout look great, or was that the other way around? :crazy:

              We enjoyed railfanning along the way and at Thoikol, on our way from Promontary to Corrine, we (along with 3,500 other in the traffic jam, happened to witness a test firing of one of the rocket boosters. I've taken lots of pictures along the way, so you'll get your fair dose of 'em when I return to Portland.

              Hope everyone is having a nice day; see ya all much further down the line, . .it's a long trip back to PDX, 749 miles.


              Originally posted by k9wrangler

              <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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                Good morning crew.

                Sunny but a little chilly yet this morning. Should warm up to the mid 60's later though.

                I have just two words to say about today, yard work. Already mowed the lawn, for the third time this year, and did the edging. Hopefully I'll get in a rare bike ride today too.

                Hope everyone has a great day.
                Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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                  Good Morning, Gang,

                  It's an it-doesn't-know-what-it-wants-to-be morning here in the Los Angeles area. It's supposed to be warm and sunny, but it's cool and cloudy.

                  Well, I finished up Fred & Red's yesterday. Overall, a nice little kit; congrats to Dale at Blair Line. So for the rest of the weekend I'll be working on the river and hope to do the pour later today after I go go Michaels for some water goop. :yuck:

                  Catch y'all later.


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                    Good Morning all! Tis another chilly but nice Saturday morn here in the land of Buckeyes..

                    On the way back from my weekly breakfast outing I did some railfaning and saw exactly 1 NS train..Last Saturday there was a train through town every 30 minutes.So,I suspect tomorrow will be a busy day and of course I will try again..

                    Have a nice day all!


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                      Well, good late afternoon all. Ahah, got the yard work all done for the day and now I can sit down for a while, read the forum and start watching my programs later; This Old House, New Yankee Workshop, the Woodwright's shop, etc. etc.etc...

                      Finally, at about 0700 this morning, I put the last large piece of edge scenery in and filled in the base with wallboard mud. When it dries, I'll give it some paint, some real dirt and some sprinkled-on green foam. After that I'll put down some talus at the base and a few scraggly bushes just to jazz it up. Great fun.

                      Breakfast. Did anyone say breakfast. (Can you say bellybuster) Lord, I'm still full. My [:-love] and I went to IHOP early and I tried their stuffed French toast. It was stuffed with banana cream and had sliced bananas, syrup and pecan pieces on it, sprinkled with powdered sugar. That and their great breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage and home fries). Man, talk about heaven, that was it.

                      Well, time to go learn some more about working with wood etc.

                      I'll check in later.

                      P.S. Bruce, roofs were made to keep the rain off of our heads and for ROOFERS to walk on, not retired old men like us. Get some gutter covers on and stay off the roof. PLEASE!!!


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                        Originally posted by Climax1880

                        Bruce, roofs were made to keep the rain off of our heads and for ROOFERS to walk on, not retired old men like us. Get some gutter covers on and stay off the roof. PLEASE!!!

                        JR, I hear you. I walk upright along the roof edge with a hand-held blower and blow out the gutters. I need to replace the rear gutters (I already replaced all the front ones). Once I do that, I will take your advice on the gutter covers.


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                          Bruce and JR, that's how I have to clean my gutters here at the lake. I walk along the edge (as Bruce described) with a leaf blower. Right now they're full of white oak pollen strings, but it's been so rainy that I can't get up there to clean them out. [:-irked] Every fall and every spring I promise myself that I will get gutter guards because I'm getting too creaky-kneed to go walking around on the roof. And every fall and every spring there I am - up there again. [:-dunce]


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                            Ahhhh Michael. There will come a day when you look at that extension ladder and say "Not NO but HELL NO! That happened to me last summer when the house needed painting and I realized that my balance wasn't all that good. It's my head. All of that Pssssstid="size6">id="green"> that did it

                            Anyway, back to the workbench for me. Y'all have a good evening. I'll have something to write for Saturday night in a week or two. See y'all for breakfast.