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  • Forum Member's layout in RMJ

    I know forum member Mark F. is too reserved to mention this, but his layout is to be featured in the next issue of RMJ, the May issue. Mark has a fine layout. Those of you who have visited his website know that. Pick up the issue and enjoy some more!

    Congratulations Mark!

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    Congratulations! I will look for the issue in my LHS.


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      Great goin, Mark! Looking forward to seeing your layout in print! [:-apple][:-apple][:-apple]
      Mike Hamer

      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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        Congrats Mark!


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          Hey Good Job Mark!!!!! Kevin


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            Congratulations, Mark! Way to go![:-star][:-star][:-star][:-star] I'll have to look for it when I stop in my LHS.

            Thanks for the heads-up, Ralph. It's good to know that another forum member is being featured in one of the magazines.


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              Congratulations Mark

              Since my LHS carries RMJ I should be able to see this article very soon. :up: :up:
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                Way to go Mark! Next time I'm at the hobby shop I'll have to pick up that issue.
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                  That's great, Mark! Can't wait to see you in print!


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                    Cool, Mark! I'm heading by my LHS today - hope that issue is in by now! Congrats!


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                      Congratulations Mark :up: :up: :up:

                      Way too go!!!

                      Peter [:-kitty]


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                        Thanks Ralph, and thanks crew! [:I] It is quite an honor. Not quite sure what to expect as I never saw a proof or anything like that.

                        My layout is open for the IJ2006 Convention, and in conjunction with the convention, I got a call from Robert Schleicher of Rail Model Journel telling me that he would like to shoot my layout for an upcoming article! Imagine the surprise! Of course, at the time, my layout was mostly in the benchwork stage and he asked if I could have some finished sections done in three weeks. Talk about having to scramble! But after three weeks of nearly round the clock effort, I had some areas done to the point where even I was surprised of what I could accomplish!

                        Sure enough, he showed up at my door as scheduled and spent a couple of hours taking various pictures. He is a real interesting guy and we had some good conversation.

                        Honestly, I would have preferred to wait until the layout was in a more complete state before considering publishing any material about it, but on the other hand, how many times does the publisher of a magazine call you up out of the blue and ask to take pictures of your work? At any rate, it will be fun to see how it comes out.

                        Thanks again!