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    Dear Steve,

    I would say that the Quick Kits from FOS would be good starting points.


    Dunbarton, NH
    “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end”


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      Gee Steve, that was a good question. Now that I'm finished the bulk of my layout and I'm getting into the operations mode, I can slow things down a little and focus on some details and buildings. Watching some of the efforts on the forum, I've been tempted to try out a wood kit. I did a couple a few years back and enjoyed them, but wasn't very good at them. But now it's time to give it another try. All you guys have motivated me!!!


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        Hi RSMiley:

        Fos scale has several quick kits or you can go with the Bar Mills Basics. I think there are 8 in the series and don't go over $20.00. Check them out. Both companies havce websites.

        Karl S.


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          The FOS Fenimore Coal kit goes for $34.00 and discussion is still fresh on it (for over two years now) in the Craftsman Corner:



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            Thanks for the great advice... I just happened to run across a couple of the Bar Mills beginner kits on Ebay for a decent "buy it now" price... so I grabbed them.

            1) Rusty's Radiator Repairs

            Download Attachment: RustysRadiatorRepair.jpg
            34.82 KB

            2) The Shack Pack

            Download Attachment: ShackPack.jpg
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            Although, I also grabbed the Bar Mills Tylick Tool Company kit... not necessarily a beginners kit !! But I figure it's one for the shelf until I work up to that skill level.

            Download Attachment: TylickToolCompany.jpg
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            I'm trying to get my hand on my wife's digital camera... I want to post a few pics of the Campbell Bridge Kit that I've already built... I'd be curious of some feedback.

            Thanks again for your feedback.

            --steve milley