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  • Valley Forge RPM Meet

    Well, I will give you a report here. I took a lot of pics and they will take a while for me to post. I hope they came out good. A lot are from Mike Rabitt's layout and are steel mill related,so they will appear in the blast furnace thread. Check them out.

    Friday night, I attended 2 LV clinics. One was given by Steve Stewart on the LV,CNJ,LNE, and LHR between Easton and Bethlehem. After that, I attended Jim Dahlberg's 4 LV model railroad clinic of which I was one of the four. He did a good job of explaining what I am doing. At least no one laughed.

    Saturday, I got to meet Steel mill modeler and "king of drawings" Mike Rabitt. He was kind enough to extend a private invite to see his layout and to show me some of his blast furnace scratchbuilding techniques. A friend of mine, noted freight car modeler Bobb Losse and his brother George were attending the convention. I asked them if they wanted to join me. They did. Well all three of us were wowed!.Mike is one very nice person and a very talented modeler. We learned a lot.

    Next I sat in on a weathering clinic by Todd Sullivan. It was about weathering reefers. If I had known that I would have attended a different clinic. Not that I don't like Todd's work, I love it. But in my modeling era, reefers are not very common. This was the biggest convention problem, in that the clinic content was not well described, and many modelers attended clinics that were not what they thought.

    Next I got to meet a young gentleman from the LV forum Ralph Heiss. He is known there as the other Ralph, but then so am I. A very personable and knowledgeable fellow. He gave a clinic on LV marine ops to the Bronx, and some pics of his layout that he is modeling based on that.

    Next was a nice buffet dinner and then Tony Koester's clinic on his NKP. There was some good info on lighting the lower deck, which I am working with right now.

    Finally a clinic by Mike Rose on modeling Pa bridges and abutements many of which were former LV.

    I hope you enjoy these.

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    Here is Mike posed next to TWO of his blast furnaces.

    Some pics from the model table. Sorry they are not as sharp as they could be. I should have brought my tripod. I am sure there will be some good photo's posted from others. When I get that link, I will give it to you.

    Some N scale for Joe T.

    Some HO models

    This is O scale

    Back to HO.


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      Thanks for the report and pics Ralph. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a lot of good info.


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        Ralph, thanks for the pictures. Looks like you saw a lot of good modeling.
        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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          WOW that is some emposing blast furnace. Sounds like you heard and seen some great modeling.

          Thanks for posting.


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            Thanks for the report Ralph. I wish I were there to enjoy seeing the fine modeling.

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              Thanks for the report back Ralph. I'll be attending a Prototype Modelers meet here in CT in June and Mike Rose will be one of the presenters. I may bring one or two of my models to show, but from what I've seen in your photographs, I may want to hold off on that for a few more years! I take it that it is well attended and worth while going to?


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                Thanks , Ralph .

                I think thats the first I've seen Mike Rabbitt WITHOUT his usual bright red trousers at a meet . I'm glad you got to see his layout and learn from him . The man is a genius .

                Was Dean Freytag there ?



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                  No, I did not see Dean.


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                    Hey thanks for thinking of me Ralph. Looks like you got to see some very impressive models first hand - thank you for sharing.



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                      Sounds as if the convention was a huge success. The photo of Mike next to his blast furnaces is awesome.

                      Peter [:-kitty]


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                        Thanks ofr all the pics. I met Mike many years ago. He proably wouldn't even remember me. He's got a few years under his belt since I last saw him. He was a great modeler and if you like heavy industry he's your man.

                        Karl S


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                          A few more


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                            Mike Rose gave a link to his layout photo's. Here it is. I hope you enjoy them.