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Would like a critique please.

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    Originally posted by Dreamweaver

    Ok, Scott and Jim I did one with both of your suggestions.

    scott I put the colors back and got rid of the outline

    Jim I got rid of the shadows.

    Mike J

    I'm liking this, Mike. It's starting to balance out really well.



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      Mike --

      This most recent version ( ) is striking a really good balance, as far as I'm concerned. I'm also thinking that it might be a good point for you to stop and take some time to see if you can live with it. (And yes, by the way, a tutorial on how you put the site together would be a very good thing.)


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        I'm with Paul, stop, stand back, and have some coffee. If you keep tweaking, the only thing that you'll get is frustrated.

        I like the latest version, the one prior to that was almost impossible to read because of the shadowed lettering.

        Take a break and see if YOU like your website


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          I agree. This one looks good. Put it up on your site and take a break. Come back in a week and see if you still like it. This is kinda like when you are working on a model too long. You get a better perspective when you sit back for a while.
          Scott Povlot

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            Wow, what an imporovement you have made! I definately like the text below the thumbnails better now, it is very clean and legible. I am also quite glad to see the color back! The orange and green aren't harsh together anymore in the latest version. With the new gray background it will let you use the black as an accent color. The
            tag will be really great for some black lining between elements with next to no overhead in load time. I don't know what you are using to edit your page, but you should be able to adjust the length and the position of the line quite easily.

            I would also agree on taking a break. Change to the newest page you are testing and see if you like it everytime you go to your page. If you want to continue to work on your webpage then work on the content portion of a different page, or work on resizing the files for all your pictures. When you upload a change though don't jump straight to the page you are worling on when you view it. Start at the beginning of the site and navigate it all the way to what you want to see. Don't obsess over the main page, but keep notice if an aspect of the page repeatedly bugs you. Navigation is particularly easy to figure out this way. If it bugs you to get to the information, it will definately irritate someone else. I like what you have going now, but it will help you remain consistant through the rest of the site navigation. Doing this will also bring bad visual design to your attention. When you go through the pages front to back every time you will find some things will just grate on your nerves. Change those things and you will have a great website!

            I will also agree with everyone else on the commendable way you have taken the help and critisism. It isn't easy to pour yourself into something and then have it picked apart. Web design is almost always improved by doing what you think is great and then seasoning it with the opinions of a few folks who will be honest. Yours surely shows the benefit!


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              Howdy Folks'

              Well thanks for the flowers. But don't worry about me getting frustrated because to tell you all the truth I read what you have all said then go at the page with your recommendations in mind but my likes on the screen in otherwords I do what I like keeping your comments inmind.

              NOW as for the tutorial I havn't the foggiest idea how I would do that but I will take suggestion on that too..

              Another thing this is no little task I have 65id="red"> pages to change... I have 5Gb of webspace and have used 4% of that.

              So Thanks again to all and I'l see about some sort of totorial.

              Thanks Mike J


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                I was looking at the club layout and I seen Mt Rushmore, that is neat, to say the least.

                Looks like a nice club layout as well.


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                  Tim, It is for now any way we are talking seriously about getting a bigger building ad starting over again.

                  Hay when we get this done maybe you can send your backdrop guy..