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Monday moanin' those aches and pains of OLD AGE?!?

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  • Monday moanin' those aches and pains of OLD AGE?!?

    Harder and harder to get up some mornings, but such a great pleasure to be awake and alive!

    Had an early Thanksgiving themed dinner yester, turkey and all the trimmings. It was good even though there was some stress induced when the roaster didn't heat up well enough to start the bird roasting and when we got back from the store it was still pink as could be, so a quick move to the oven was made and while a a bit behind schedule all turned out excellent. A few leftovers, cranberry orange relish, dinner rolls and dressing are all ready to join the white meat for a lunch snack for anyone interested.

    Cold and wintry yesterday with a real feel of what this time of the year is about, today is a bit nicer, the sun is out and the guessers say it might get back around 60 instead of the mid 40s of yesteday.

    Did a little more gradient securing on the layout yesterday, I might put some track down today. We'll see.

    No big plans for the day otherwise.

    Hope all had a good, safe weekend and a great day today.

    BE SAFE![:-bigeyes2]
    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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    Good morning Karl and to the rest of the RR Line crew.

    Yesterday was beautiful. Very sunny and temps in the mid 70's. Took advantage of the weather and went miniature golfing with my kids and girlfriend. Stopped in Princeton on the way home and had ice cream and did some window shopping. Kept seeing severe thunder storm warnings for ares just west of us so I thought for sure we would get some of it too, but all I heard was one clap of thunder and a little rain. Not sure what todays weather has in store.

    As far as modeling goes, yesterday all I did was etch all the corrugated metal for my Wills project. Tonight I plan on glueing them to the walls.

    Hope everyone has a great day.
    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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      Good morning folks

      The chill is back in the air this morning. We had a thunderstorm rumble through last night and after that the temperatures dropped some.

      We had a busy weekend. We got the kitchen and breakfast nook painted. We did two coats of primer. It will be Spring before we put on the final color. I can’t see use getting too many more nice weekends between now and March. Right now the body can’t take anymore painting. I have pains in muscles I forgot I have.

      I was able to test run my new Atlas B&O RS-1 locos. They ran very nice and smooth. I was going to photograph some gondolas I recently built and then realized I did not paint the extra weights I added. I quickly did that and repaired the coupler pocket on one of them. I also test ran the all the gondolas.

      I hope everybody has a good day.


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        Good Morning, Tom, Rick, Karl & Crew!

        Wow, is it gorgeous outside this morning here in the land of the Mighty New Haven RR! I'm finishing up the details on my Walthers B60b undec baggage car and will have it ready for the paint shop tonight. It'll be lettered for my Camden Terminal Co. railroad with Traction Express Agency markings. It'll take a couple of weeks to get the decals made up for it from Rail Graphics. Well, time to make a cup of tea here at The Office and start 'dialin' for dollars'. Tryin' to close out my sales year with some more good ones. I'll check in later from beans. See yazall later!



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          Good morning, guys. Well, we've got a cool, cloudy one here in the northern Ozarks. There's no breeze at all this morning, so the lake's surface is like glass out there. Too bad I'm "landlocked" until next spring.

          That early Thanksgiving meal sounds good, Karl. Even at this hour of the morning.

          I got two walls of the tool caboose body built last evening and a third one started. It's a pretty simple affair, as I did not want to put a whole lot of effort into this project.

          Guess I'd better get moving on. It's about time to hit the road. Have a good day, everyone.


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            We ahd a FOGGY morning here! Cloudy for the rest of the day and rainy tomorrow.

            I got some work done over the weekend. It doesn't appear to be a great deal but it was one of those learning experiences...

            I made a display shelf for the interior of a building. Now I can put stuff on it for sale. I also nearly completed a counter for the same interior. I still need to make a duck under for it but that will be easy. I also made a work desk from sculpey clay. That is some great stuff!

            I had gotten info on it from here before when someone suggested a half baked idea. I believe it was Karl O who suggested that I bake it for half the listed time. That worked great! After figuring out it was easier to sand everything square after a little baking instead of while it was pliable, the desk went together in a snap. Tonight I plan on making some crates and boxes. I don't know how many I'll get done though since I'll be watching the Colts vs. Patriots game....


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              Good morning to the entire crew. We have another beautiful day here in northern New Jersey.

              I managed to get some work done on the layout over the weekend. Tonight, I think that I will yank my Walther's Turntable out to redo the wiring on it. :erm: It is one of those jobs that I hate, but I want to get it working reliably so that I can complete the scenery around the area.

              Well, I have to run. I will check in later.


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                Good evening to you all.... It's evening here in the uk and it's still raining but never mind. Club night tonight and I get to introduce my my Ogauge blacksmiths shop to the club layout....

                Getting ready now for the last couple of shows before the big xmas one, if I can remember to take my camera with me hopefully I will get some photos to show you we do it over here in the uk. All the very best Harry
                Yes Dear, I\'ll do it Tomorrow


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                  Wow!!! Sorry about the last messag, don't know what went wrong???? guess my typing finger went blind or my tongue went over my eye-teeth so that I couldn't see, sorry guys Harry
                  Yes Dear, I\'ll do it Tomorrow


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                    Know all too well the old back pains, just comes with the territory.



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                      Evening all, It was a very warm and unseasonal day here in southern Ks today . tomorrow is said to be in the upper 80's then fall returns mid week. Crazy weather. didnt get a blasted thing done as far as Mrr goes. "Domestic duties" Yep I sure know the aches & pains thing I have degenerative disease in my spine and in both knees not to mention the

                      other new stuff cropping up time to time. To think that I used to be 6'3" now 6'1". positive side is it Beats pushing up daisey's. Have a good'n all!