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Sunday Night Lounge...Come In & Relax!!

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  • Sunday Night Lounge...Come In & Relax!!

    Good Evening, Crew!

    Time ta put up the ol' feet and partake of yer favorite liquid refreshment. I have a pot of hot herbal tea that I'm workin' on myself. There's cold Dutchman Ale in the box along with soda, chips, popcorn, pretzels, and dip on the counter...low fire in the stove, too. [:-yawn] So, how did it go today? I know there's been some world-class leaf-raking happening from the hills of North Jersey to the forests of Oregon! I got in some good bench time puttin' grabs an' rails on my baggage car today and some readin' time, too. Wow! Another couple of weeks and it'll be Thanksgiving already. Mmmmmmmm...I can smell the food cookin' now! Well, I'm gonna finish readin' about the refrigerator car operations of the Pacific Fruit Express and Fruit Growers Express. If you're in the neighborhood, howzabout stoppin' in an' sharin' a Good Word!

    Russ id="Comic Sans MS">id="blue">

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    Hey, Russ!

    Having some big thunder-boomers this evening. I think these are the storms from Indiana/Kentucky. Sad to see what happened out there.

    No modeling done, today. Seems to be a common theme with me these days. I spent today working in the kitchen with Marcia. Still an enjoyable day!



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      Hi Russ ....

      ...looks like you and I are the only ones in the lounge so far .

      I had a busy day over in Detroit starting with the Gratiot Valley Train Show .

      I met Mike ( Cigarguy ) at his mini HO layout and took a few pics of his fine work .

      Mike K. and then Mike and yours truely ...

      Some pics of Mike's layout which is a section from his home layout . There are two sides to this Mini , divided by a center backdrop .

      A couple of nice details on Mike's layout are the barge and the MDC worktrain .

      Wandering around , I ran into several other friends including always smiling Don Mustunis who handles all my Digitrax needs .Don is an expert on DCC .

      The show was OK but not of the same quality ( IMO ) as the NNGC in Dearborn . Too much Lionel and blue boxes to wade through in an effort to find the good stuff .

      From there it was over to see Karl O. and Janice for the rest of the afternoon and evening . Never a dull moment at Chez Osolinski . Since Karl wasn't finished his latest fine creation , I didn't take any pics ...have to wait until next month .

      Have a good evening , All.



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        Good evening Russ, Chuck, Terry, and the rest of the crew.

        After spending time on leaf patrol, I managed to get some modeling time in. I did a couple of firsts today. I cast my first plaster rocks from molds and painted a few. I also made my first batch of "Ground Goop" as per Lou Sassi's fourmula. I spread some around the edges of my yard area, and placed a few of the cast rock in there too. Hopefully, I will have a few pictures tomorrow night.

        Terry, good to see a picture of Mike. BTW, have you lost a bit of weight?

        Well, I have to go. Russ, thanks for opening the lounge tonight.


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          Thanks for posting the photos of Mikes' layout -Module. Mike ... The layout looks fantastic.



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            Well let me drop in and say hello.

            I know I've been MIA but work and a photography class have been keeping me busy.

            Nice work Mr. Mike (thanks for the pics Terry).



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              Evening all,

              What a day today was! Busy, busy, busy! Had a great day at the Gratiot Valley show where I got to see a couple of old friends (Clinch Valley - Larry) and meet some new (TeeJay - Terry). It was certainly a pleasure to meet you Terry and I look forward to your coming over for an op session at John's or Bruce's.

              Spent about 9 hours on my feet today at the show, never really got a chance to sit down. It is always fun to talk to so many folks at these shows - a wide range of questions are always tossed out. How did you make your rock? What are your trees made out of? Is that a Climax engine? A Heisler?

              Lots of fun, but the highlight was certainly meeting Terry. Thanks for posting the photos, and thanks everyone for their comments on my portable layout.

              Now, I'm heading off to bed... my feet are tired!

              D&B Lumber Co.

              "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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                Hey Mike (Cigarguy), nice looking layout! Is it designed for continuous running? Great scenery! It's good to put a face with a name...


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                  Sey Hey! . .Terry & Mike, & the Rest of the evening bunch,

                  Terry, it appears that you are a turnin' into a bean pole. And Mike, we need some close-ups of that nice lookin' layout. I think I would have been askin' some questions too!


                  Originally posted by teejay

                  . . .I met Mike ( Cigarguy ) at his mini HO layout and took a few pics of his fine work . . .

                  <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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                    Terry, thanks for the pictures. Always good to put another face with a name.

                    Mike, very good looking layout. I'll second Allen's request for close-ups.
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                      Yes, it is designed for continous running. There is a full loop on the lower level for that, and then a little switching also.

                      The layout is loosely built following the layout plan "Lilliput Logger" by Ian Rice. I use it as a connector piece on my home layout. This 4' x 8' "plugs in" to the rest of my layout. I use it to climb from the lower level to the upper level.

                      The trains come up off of the lower level of the main layout, do half a loop around this portable, then take the switch on the far side to start climbing. They continue around the upper side of this module, then cross back on to the upper level of my main layout. I hope this makes sense...

                      D&B Lumber Co.

                      "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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                        Thanks for the pics. Nice modeling and I love to put faces to names.

                        I was suprised no T storms here in South Jesery. From the way that front lined up, I thought there was no way we would escape.


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                          Thanks for taking the pictures of Mike's layout.

                          I especially like this one.

                          Which I believe is a kit by Sheepscot.

                          So Mike if you can any other pictures of this would be appreciated as I have completed the hull but have not done anything more on the kit.

                          I really like how your model came out.

                          I also like the waterfront scene.
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                            Yes, this is a Sheepscott kit. I will try to take some photos later today for you. I built the kit per the instructions, but added quite a bit of deck detail. Thanks.

                            D&B Lumber Co.

                            "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"