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  • Do i buy me one?


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    Wow Mike, what a turn around you went from packing in this hobby to spending big dollars on a new loco. The only advice I can offer is if "you" love it ,buy it. I don't remember if you are wiring your layout for DC or DCC but I know the best featured sounds only work in the DCC mode. Good luck,Pat


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      Hi belg yes running DCC lenz 100 system already have 2 broadway E7S my son call them the talking trains drives the wifey mad need to turn vol down if i can find how to do it lol.mike


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        Mike, what did the Mrs. say? If she gives the thumbs up and the funds are there then I say why not.
        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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          Rick ask the wife im not that brave hell no have to work out plan of action on this all out of brownie points long past WHO DARE WINS I GUESS.Mike


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            Just tested the water with the wifey lets say its scalding at present might be the price of the new toy i tride to say its an investment fell on death ears keep working on me plan might need the A team called in lol.mike


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                Go for it Mike. Remember, the one with the most and best stuff at the end wins!


                AKA Fatso (US Version)

                AKA Squid

                AKA Fat, Ugly and...


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                  Of course, go for it. That's what it is all about. If it is in the budget, enjoy.

                  Peter [:-kitty]


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                    Friend buddy m8, you're just getting over a heart attack, are you ready for a beating?

                    Scalding? Elsa is not boiling oil for your bath is she ? lol

                    Get the track working properly first. That way there'll be less to sell if you call it quits.

                    Cheers m8



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                      Wifey say i can have it for my birthday next year hope i get it soner then fingers X mike

                      always looking on the bright side of life


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                        I'll cross mine for you too Mike!

                        [:-idea]Ask her if you can have it for Jesus' birthday![:-angel]

                        That will move the time frame up!! LMAO! [:-spin] :up: [:-bouncy]


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                          Originally posted by fatso

                          Wifey say i can have it for my birthday next year


                          I agree that it's probably better to get the track and all that working smoothly first.
                          Believe me, you will have learned so much more about railroads by your next birthday that you may not even want such an oddity as a Big Boy by then.

                          Continue to take good care of yourself!id="size4">

                          -Your friend across the pond,



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                            I agree it looks real good and i would only have 1 i think to be honest for having one my layout not big enought for the loco to do it justice but im greatfull for your guys words of wisdom i have bought in the past buying for buying sake lots of other nice little bits i like first if i speak the truth .mike