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  • Former Member & sob story!!

    Long story here, so Grab a Beer & Sandwich...

    Back in the '50's, I was a member of the " ???"

    sorry I forgot, but it was in the Basement of

    Paul Mallory's. (wrote Books & Articles for RMC & MRR) & founder of the NMRA Coupler (or had a lot to do w/it) & also had lots to do w/ the current "THE MODEL RAILROAD CLUB IN UNION, NJ".

    Paul lived (or still is)in Murray Hill, NJ...

    Anyway-I was not there for long as I was always having to search for Work to pay the usual Bills. Plus I was young & impatient & always getting caught Speeding going to the Club.

    Okay- we jump to the late '80's when I started two MRR Clubs & both were bad experiences due to

    Bias or?? First one- I was dealing w/Owners,Managers, etc. I was old, out of work & these guys literaly craped on me.

    Like forming the Club Rules etc. WITHOUT ME & then made me President w/out power because I founded the Club & at the same time making me the fool/Club idiot. So I never went back.

    This was mostly to a Controlling member who was abusing his Wife at the same time till she left him.

    So I started another- only to lose it- because I did not know how to talk & because I wanted a member out of the club since he refused to put down a Dollar as club fees for an eventual Building. I was not going to keep it either way.

    He had money to go to Bermuda, We repaired his trains & yet would not plunk down a $1.00.

    I wanted him out- but, I was not a leader type- so lost the club.

    Now- I'm trying to get a Building on my own.

    But don't have enough money even w/ my sacficing my Home for the Money. I intend to live in the place.

    But, Buildings I can afford- well, no one else wants them.

    So I'm stuck in my small home as a Prisoner because I can't afford to get out & do what I want. Working on my Hobbies w/other guys "AS A FREINDLY GROUP INSTEAD OF A CLUB" would also get me out of my depression.

    "Gas-Elecric Freak"

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    Hey Russo `Gas Elec Freak'

    You came to the right place here for cheering up

    Don't worry you got no money cause theres plenty of great modellers here who get by on a shoe string, look at John Hunters work and Dan Pickard they both use a lot of Balsa Card and home castings to `Keep the costs down'.

    When I was 33 I got seriously back into Model Railroading after a 10 year hiatis but never joined a club, just did my own thing. I went to the LHS but never spoke to anybody, not even the salesguy unless I had to. (true BlackDogger)

    Now at 46 since joining the Forum in February I've met some of the most interesting and talented modellers I've ever met in my life. Such as Barry Pate, Laurie Green, Dan Pickard and the unstoppable and infectious Mario Rapinett to mention a few. I've just rejoined the NRMA this month and just keep meeting new interesting people. It's cool, theres no Club house, we meet at peoples homes, monthly, just great therapy.

    I'm sure you'll soon have plenty of new contacts because of your Heartbreak Thread [:-cry]

    So cheer up man [:-party]

    You shouldn't feel like a prisoner in your own home but thats the Black Dog of depression and unless you've been there it's hard to understand the internal Vertigo one goes through with Depression. Model Model and more Modelling thats the best cure, share what you do with us and you've already joined the best International CLUB there is, that is RailRoad-Line !!

    As Russ Simpson said (I think, correct me if I'm wrong)

    Lifes Short

    Model HARD.[:-jumprefect]



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      Russo, double ditto what Paul just said, I myself have a rather small space compared to my last place but retirment made a change in life to a smaller house...Still you can model structures or dioramas or a shelf, spend time on the forum and it helps keep your mind active with better things. I also live in an area that after five years I have only met one MRR'r and it does get frustrating always being alone in the hobby but by going on here even though I don't really know anyone at least you can stay active with others of the same interest's......keep on keepin on. Jerry