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Mic's Tip Sheet 7: Wooden Water Tank

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  • Mic's Tip Sheet 7: Wooden Water Tank

    With Tip Sheet 7, the latest in Crankcase Productions 3-Ring Binder Series, Mic Greenberg shows us how he modeled a rooftop wooden water tank and the water in it. Basing his model on a prototype in Pescadero, California and several photos he shot of the tank 25 years ago, Mic's first task was to create a mold or dam for the Envirotex water. After pouring the "water" in the mold and letting it cure for 2-3 days, he then used the resulting "plug" as the form for the tank itself. Aged and weathered basswood strips were glued to the water form and hoops made from soft wire were added.

    Tip Sheet 7 follows the now-familiar format of 9 step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos and a resource page. Included in the steps are instructions for calculating the amount of required stripwood to build the tank as well as directions for installing the hoops and plenty of weathering and finishing tips.

    If you are interested in purchasing Tip Sheet 7, contact Mic at Crankcase Productions, 1908 Augusta Drive, Champaign, IL61821.

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    Thanks for letting us know Mike. Sounds like it's time to place another order with Mic.

    Mike, the tank that Mic built in this tip sheet, is it based in O scale?
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      Rick, he says it's an 8 foot diameter tank in 1/4 inch scale. But I think the methods he used to to make the water and build the tank around the water would work in almost any scale.


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        Thanks for the review. As usual it was concise and accurately descriptive.

        I would like to thank Marc Reusser for his inspirational tutorial back in January which prompted in no small way the building of my tank. Besides Pescadero for its tank house, Marc's how-to gave me impedus to give mine a go. I was particulary swayed by Marc's treatment of the wood portion. I must admit to lifting the expression "wick-up" from his treatise. It took 25 years to gather the courage to assemble my tank, so here's to you Marc for giving me a push in right direction.

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          Price the same as before?

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