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modeling interior walls.

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  • modeling interior walls.

    First ley me say from a long time lurker...OH MY GOD. What a great bunch of info and modeling prowess on this site. The scratchbuilding and weathering along with the craftman kit forums are unbelievable.

    I am starting my first scratchbuilt structure. I am following Darryl Huffman's techniques from his video. (Great job Darryl!) I have framed out my walls and have almost completed my siding. I am thinking about modeling the interior. How would you guys cover the interior walls? I am modeling in HO. Thanks.

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    If you look at the On30 forum under "MHM kitbash" you will see some interior wall work by Marc Ruesser. He is using some Paper Creek painted siding material, that is also available in HO. I don't know if it's the look or style you are after, but it may be an option. They have a wide variety of colors and types to choose from.

    Chuck D.


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      I am not sure what type of interior wall you have in mind.

      I know that Bruce(Dutchman) did the interior walls of his station in the 2nd Challenge thread using stripwood.

      Here are a couple of pictures of the walls.

      Bruce startes to describe how he did the interior walls on page 30.

      However there are 75 pages to this thread with other modelers also working on projects so I am not sure where else he describes his method.

      Bruce is on his way to to a convention so I am not sure when he will read this but when he does I am sure he will elaborate if you have questions.
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        Greetings and welcome. What sort of building are you working on, what era and how visible will the interior walls be.



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          It is the CNJ station at Treichlers Pa. With the up coming Philly convention next July I was going to have at it and enter some models in the contest. Since it is one of the signature structures on a section of my layout I am having at it.

          I don't expect to win anything, just having laughs and giggles. I was planning to make the roof removable, so I was toying with modeling the interior. The station had been out of passenger service for a long time, and probably had a lot of dirt, junk and crap in it.

          I was thinking of modeling the interior to look really run down. Since my walls are framed I need to cover the inside and partition it out. I am just trying to aim high with this 2nd attmpt at scratchbuilding as aiming low only guarantees you will attain it.



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            Here's a link to another interior detail thread from a few months ago. Good luck with the station.




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              Thanks for the link. All I can say is OMG! I have been all over this site like flies on...well you know. I did not see this.

              I still have tears in my eyes from viewing that thread. But I am inpired. I have to find a way to move in with these guys, just to sit next to them and watch them model.