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Hello all,

Well, I wanted to put a little shed behind the market but wasn't coming up with something I liked. Then, after speaking with Pat (belg) about stone and masonry walls, I decided on a little stone shed. Since I can't stand all the dust from using hydrocal, I decided to make the walls from a clay polymer called Sculpey. Here's what I did.

Here's the stuff called Sculpey - craft stores usually carry it.

First, you have to roll the clay out (on waxpaper) till it's about 3/32" to 1/16" thick - I used a piece of 1-1/4" dowel rod for my rolling pin.

Find something that has a nice texture - I used a big rock casting I had laying around.

Now, push the sheet of Sculpey onto the casting - this will give the texture you want for little stones. After you get the texture on the clay, cook it in a 275 degree oven for about 15 minutes.

This is what it will look like after it's cooked. The stuff is kind of flexible but the texture is hardened on the surface.

Now, cut the Sculpey into strips - I use a big snap-off Olfa Knife and a straight-edge. Cut the strips into the size of stones. We are ready to build a wall!!

Now, glue the little stones onto the subwall using super glue. I used a thick chipboard for my subwall.

OK, this has nothing to do with this. When I was putting this thing together, I came upstairs and looked out our front door and saw this - it was just really beautiful and the snow was still coming down.

I color the stones with dry pigments and set them with a thin alcohol/glue mix. After that, I brush Durham's Water Putty (which is not discontinued) in between the stones for grout and use the same alcohol/glue mix to set it.

Ok, here's what you will end up with...a little stone shed made from real little stones!!!


Karl O