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    Welcome New Members,

    Railroad-Line Forums is an international collection of modelers whose skills and abilities range from novice to master modeler. Because of that we offer a wealth of information related to model railroading.

    Are you interested in running trains and/or operating them in a prototypical manner? Check this discussion from the Layout Design/Operations Forum: It's just one of dozens of discussions about running trains.

    Perhaps your interest is in building and weathering craftsman-level structures. Well, we have an entire forum area devoted to just that: "The Craftsman's Corner" ( Forty-four pages worth of topics on building structures, as a matter of fact.

    Want to learn from some of the finest modelers in the world? They're right here.

    Logging and Mining? Questions about DCC or layout wiring? How about mini-layout and diorama construction? Model photography? Discussions about a particular Diesel locomotive model? As you probably have already discovered, RR-L has all of these areas covered and much more besides!

    Participation by all of our members, regardless of skill or ability level, is highly encouraged. We value our members and their participation through asking questions, joining discussions, and sharing their knowledge.

    Railroad-Line Forums is divided into several major forum areas, including General Topics, Model Railroading, Clubs, and others. In turn, each major forum area is sub-divided into specific forums, such as "The Craftsman's Corner," "The On30 Line," the "Mid-Scale (HO) Model Railroad Forum," and so on. All of the major forum areas and sub-forums can be found by clicking on the "FORUMS" link under the RR-L logo at the top-left of the page. A brief description of the specific forum content is listed below each forum header. Any registered member may participate in forum discussions or start a new topic in a pertinent forum. General discussion not related to any particular subject ( or even model railroading) may be posted in the "Crew Lounge" forum.

    There are many features to the forum which our members find useful. For example, the Search function (located in the upper right-center of the page) allows you to search for a subject of interest. The Photo Album (linked on the upper left margin) is a collection of member's photos. "The Archives" ( and "Reference & Research" ( forums contain tutorials and references authored by members. The PM function allows you to send a personal message to another member. As you explore RR-L, you'll discover many other features as well.

    Please enjoy the RR-L forums. If you have questions or need assistance, contact any of the moderators or administrators.

    Welcome aboard and have fun.