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    Here we are in the Dog-Days of yet another Canadian winter .Assuming you folks would rather be model railroading than shovelling snow , what have you got going project-wise in the next few months ?

    For me , with half my layout completed in '04 , I'm looking to start on the other half .I have several Steel Mill kits to build , track to lay ( with wiring ) and many , many details to add .I tend to build the basics first ( benchwork , roadbed , track , wiring , basic structures ) then go back and finish up on details ( weathering , scenery etc ) .I have trains running , but not continuous at this point . Digitrax installed , decoders etc .

    What do you folks have going ??


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    Hi Terry, well for me it would be to finish laying the tracks on the CVR.

    I have one small area to "cork" and about 50% of the layout in need of track.

    The control panel and wiring is going to be the next big thing.

    I hope to have the above jobs completed by my birthday, May 12th.

    You have to set little goals for yourself.

    Will Annand

    Modeling the CVR in N Scale.


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      To destroy what I have created! Look for a Challenge 4 post in the next day or two, now where are my golf clubs?


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        Say it isn't so , Tyson ! What now , rockets ? RC cars ?



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          What was that ol' country western song? Younger women, older whiskey and faster horses?


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            Well Terry,

            I finally got my DCC up and running, so that is great and the BLI loco with the QSI - too damn cool. Have one of the BLI switchers on order. My plans for this year are to get a few kits buit - Quincy, FOS JJ, SRMW Whittensville and maybe one other - likely positive thinking at this point, but we shall see. I want to get cracking on the layout - but time - that is the real issue. Maybe when I hit 40????? Darn, am I even supposed to be in this hobby yet????


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              The discussion of "How to get Going " on a project/layout could be a lengthy one ....and I'm speaking as one who did it the WRONG way 12 years ago and almost lost interest in the hobby .

              Time and Money are main considerations . All of us will underestimate the money aspect .DCC and Sound are wonderful but costly .Even a piece of nickel HO flex track is about 5 bucks ....all adds up .

              I do try to spend some time in the train room EVERY day . Some days are more productive than others as we all have other committments , be it family , work , other hobbies , TV , Internet etc. etc.

              I do set realistic goals . I wanted my layout completed in two years . I'm half way there and pretty much on schedule .I want to have trains running continuously while I'm fiddling with the final details .

              With 70 running feet of double mainline , the layout is fairly large for one person to build but Steel Mills take up a lot of room . If I was truely prototype , I could easily use DOUBLE the space I've allocated .Most layouts (HO) don't need to be this big unless it is your choice . It took the late,great John Allen 20 years to build his layout , so don't despair .

              Modules and small shelf layouts are a good way to get started in finding a place for those 'shelf orphan ' kits we've all built .



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                I know there are some of you just starting out ....some REstarting after a long layoff . If you haven't already you might want to have a peak at the new Mini/Micro Forum , moderated by Tyson Rayles .

                I'm going to be doing an On30 Mini . I like the idea of something different to work on for a change of scene .There are a lot of great modellers on RRL who will be giving that Forum a look-see. If you presently have 'shelf orphans ' like most of us , you may want to take the next step and work the structures into a small running layout as per Tysons suggested standards .

                Give it a look !!



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                  Thanks for the plug Terry! The $$$$ are in the e-mail


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                    Geez , thanks for the payola Tyson . With that wad I can pay off the house , buy a Porsche Carrera ....stock up on Cuban cigars ...



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                        This thread is dead in the water I see.

                        Louis L&R Western Railroad
                        Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                          Like the fish in Lake Mead.

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                          Or people!!

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                        I haven't seen Terry around here in a long time.

                        With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                          George, Teejay passed away several years ago, not sure of the year though.


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                          Sorry to hear that.

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                        His last visit to the site was 02/01/2017, so it was probably that year.


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                          George, Rich, Very sad he was always fun & positive around on this forum.