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  • Cool Canadian Things To Check Out . . . . . .

    Hey Canucks and our American Brothers (if you are snooping in the Canadian forum )

    Since there has not been a Canadian post in a few days, I thought I would throw one in here - ahhhh - just to keep Terry on his toes!!!![^]

    I used to build a lot of these custom vehicles, anyway, I was cleaning out my huge file of pictures on my hard drive and had these ones to share with you guys. These made for great interest on my old layout or at shows (always got "where did you get that???" frequently. Anyway:

    Canadian Pacific Chevy Highrail Truck...

    BC Rail, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Rail Police Crown Victorias ....

    Ontario Provincial Police, London Ontario Police, Metro Toronto Police and Kingston Ontario Police - All DARE/promotional VW Beetle Paint Schemes. Prototypical light bars for each.

    Thanks for looking! Please add your own cool Canadian things!


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    Not much action here Karl , I guess I'll have to dig out my ' Cool Canadian Box ' wherever it is . I like the rail truck ...too new for my 50's layout ....ever seen a pic of an older one ? It would be great to model and just what I need ...another project .



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      OK here's a question seeing you showed a vehicle with the track drive setup, When did the canadian railways start using these rail drive units?

      Whom was the first?

      I've tried to find references to this but haven't so far so maybe someone else has.



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        Jim, the decals on the highrail truck are prototypical, but I don't think the truck is. More of a figment of my imagination , but I thought it would look cool. I don't really know if it existed or not.


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          I wasn't trying to research your model, which by the way looks excellentid="purple"> but was trying to find out when the track drive units were first used in Canada and on what rail line.

          Sorry if you thought I was attacking you which never crossed my mind[:-dunce][:-scared][:-skull]


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            Jim - No offence taken, no problem at all! It did not cross my mind at all.....again no problem. I am not sure when they were first used. I would imagine that they would have been used by CP and CN for sure and I have seen BCR trucks with them, but I imagine, if I had to take a guess - maybe sometime in the 1960's??????? I have seen some local CP trucks with them on, but I think they were more maintenance vehicles instead of police units. Not real sure, interesting though.


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              Not sure how ' cool ' they are Karl but here are some All Canadian pics of my work-in-progress layout . There is a consist of Canadian road cars being pulled past Great Lakes Steel on the way past the Edmund Fitzgerald . I know the Fitz was from Milwaukee but people here seem to think it was Canadian because of Gordon Lightfoots song in 1976 .