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$2000 Toy Truck - Are You Kidding Me?????

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  • $2000 Toy Truck - Are You Kidding Me?????

    I bring a lot of product in from the US for my business, but also a lot of stuff for my own layout. About a month ago, I had ordered one of those Atlas Ford F-150s, so I could decorate it for a friend of mine. The fellow shipping it clearly marked the customs form as 20.00 for the declared value - customs took it as 2000.00 and I had a $320 or so bill when I went to the post office . Needless to say - I refused the package. I finally got the truck back once it was returned to the sender and then sent again. The package value on the first go around looked pretty good and clear to me. Pretty funny now, but I was thinking how the heck could somebody take this for 2000.00 especially when the description said toy truck on it. Takes all kinds I guess. Couple months before that I had a stock order come in with the customs slip for someone else with totally different stuff. I just paid the thing to get my package which i needed badly. I had to laugh at this one. The name on the paperwork and the description of the items was not even close. Anyone else had any wierd customs problems???

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    Karl , just DRIVING through U.S. Customs can be an adventure . I haven't dealt with a broker . I have my stuff sent to a Detroit address and go pick it up . I have to go pick up a Bowser 14" turntable that I picked up for 75 bucks Detroit .It's still sitting over there .



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      Karl - some years ago I used to do much more railfanning than I have of late. Many of those excursions were to the US. There are a couple experiences that come immediately to mind - I was going to photograph N&W 1218 on an excursion and hit the border at 06:00. I knew immediately from the look on the custom lady's face that I shouldn't have told her I was going to take pictures of a train! After a slight delay, she allowed me to continue. The other one was similar - the customs man asked me if I "played with choo-choo trains too" [:-gnasher][:-censored][:-censored] I just smiled and answered him politely [:-angel] ... until after I got past his booth! Now I have a Nexus Card (aka fast pass) and avoid most of that aggrivation.

      Back when we had the store, two of my partners were Canada Customs officers. We would have our US orders shipped to a US address from where they would pick up the goods, do the paperwork and import them. There were a number of times even they got hassled! :erm:


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        What happened to NAFTA? [:0] Guess it doesn't apply to model railroading.


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          A friend of mine had an experience entering Canada at Windsor on a business trip. A smart @$$ friend with him was asked his citizenship and replied.."US" and was then asked if he had lived his whole life there and replied.."Not yet.." which set off the officer who then had them pull to the side and searched the car finding a CB radio the friend was taking along for a friend at their destination. :erm: (This was in '70s when CB radios were the rage and much more costly in CA.) Needless to say my friend was NOT at all pleased with his passenger.


          What happened to NAFTA? Guess it doesn't apply to model railroading.

          Think that means: Not As Fast To Adopt... to them.
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            Karl I have to say it is very unlikely that a toy car could be worth $2000. That being said I regularly watch the antiques roadshow and recently saw a tin firetruck with four horses pulling it that was appraised at $1800. So I'm sure somewhere there is a tin toy worth even more, just like the crazy prices we all see on Ebay, for some sticks and a few metal pieces that we LOVE to build into FSM models. Pat