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    Hi All,

    I came across this manufacturer just this afternoon while looking through the April/May issue of the Light Iron Digest.As I haven't heard of them before,and judging by the lack of mention of them on the Forum,nor have most of the rest of you,I thought I would bring them to your attention.

    They produce a number of inexpensive stone and brick buildings and detail parts that might be of interest.They are mostly made of either resin or hydrocal with the usual extra bits made of wood or styrene.The building under review is a stone grist mill which,although basic in design,could lend itself to a number of additions or changes and,this is the winner for me,does not have the usual unrealistic wall joins that most kits of this nature suffer from.

    Does anyone have any experience of this manufacturer and his products?

    The website is .


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    Bill Davis....a more recent member to the group, has built a couple of Stonemills structures for product review in LID. I don't know how ofte he visits this forum, but you might try e-mailing him with any questions. The structures that I saw that he built, I only saw briefly, but they looked nice....albeit more "East Coast" than what I prefer/use/need.



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      Hi My name is Bill Davis and I need to check this group more often. Anyway you asked about Stone Mill Model kits. I have built several kits and they are excellent. The ones I have built were plaster casting but they also have resin kit. Their kits consist of plaster or resin walls with resin or plastic details. One of the things I really like about their kits is how the stone work goes from wall to wall. This make, once the walls are assembled and you fill the seams, the stone work becomes continious like the prototype. A real nice detail that many manufactures don't do on their kits. I added the loading dock and hillside details. I also filled several of the window. I did this to change the look of the mill. I wanted it to look like it had been modified over the years. I built and reviewed the Sudbury Mill kit for LID. Here are some pictures of it. I have a couple kits to build yet and a couple I want to get. One of the kits I have is the machine shop. I plan to do interior detailing on this one. Which will be quite a project. This will have to wait till I move but that's another story.

      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill d.jpg
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      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill f.jpg
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      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill i.jpg
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      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill k.jpg
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      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill l.jpg
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      Download Attachment: Sudbury mill h.jpg
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        Bill Davis Lives!![:-jump2]

        I was getting ready to plan the wake!

        How's about you share a little about how you built this thing??? What color/mfr. was the green paint you used on the doors (somwhere in the On30 forum there's a Bman diesel that needs a green ) about the rusting?...the loading dock roof?.......your not getting off that easy!

        Dont forget to first fill in all those arched windows on the machine shop kit[:-bigeyes2]



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          Bill, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the pictures, nice work. Please do stop by more often and share some more pictures with us.

          Nick, thanks for the link. They certainly do look like nice kits.


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            I always enjoy seeing your work. I am going to order some of their kits soon. I really like the quality I see in the photos and the prices are very reasonable. Bill, is Richard White still in the kit business? He had some very nice offerings. I bought his Tavern kit.



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              Come on Bill! you have had a day now to answer these questions!!

              Nice looking kits by the way. I notice their website features your model Bill.

              I like the Chama oil house in particular. I have seen not dissimilar buildings here in Oz.


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                Hi Guys,

                Thanks for the kind words on the Mill model. It was a fun project. It is on or will be soon on Steve Sherell's On30 layout in West Virginia. Someday I got to get there and see his layout. Mr. Marc - as far as the machine shop's arched windows are concerned the arch tops stay but even you will like how I'm going to modify them. Besides what do you know about building design anyway??

                OK - Richard White kits. I have built several and have one to build yet. They are also exceptional kits. I hope they are still availiable. Here is his e-mail address: I build the Three Bros Chinese Store pretty much as it was designed (Something I rarely do) and reviewed it for LID.

                Download Attachment: front finished b.jpg
                179.59 KB

                Download Attachment: left side finished.jpg
                164.21 KB

                The Assay Office got heavily modified and is one of my favorite buildings. Here are pictures of kit as designed

                Download Attachment: a - manufactures version of Assay Office 1.jpg
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                Download Attachment: a - manufactures version of Assay Office 2.jpg
                126.5 KB

                Not one to leave well enough alone I cut in side windows, made a conctrete hillside foundation, changed out the front sidewalk for step from another of Rick's kits, added a concrete jail cell addition and changed the tin sheet roofing. I went with 2 different styles for effect. Like the building had been converted and they added the cells addition. Here are pictures on my finished model

                Download Attachment: c - jail 3-4 left.jpg
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                Download Attachment: c - jail 3-4 rear.jpg
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                Download Attachment: c - jail 3-4 right.jpg
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                Download Attachment: c - jail front.jpg
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                Download Attachment: c - jail roofs overview.jpg
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                I also built his Tavern kit. Pictures of how the kit is designed.

                Download Attachment: TheTavern2.jpg
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                Download Attachment: TheTavern3.jpg
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                Once again I had to change it. It's not completely done yet. [:-cry] Yea Marc, I know I need to added some details yet to finish it. I'll get to it! Anyway I ordered extra sides walls and then combined them to make the building deeper. It just didn't feel right with that recessed entry and being so short a building. Being deeper made more sence. I also changed the recessed entry so that there were 2 door not one. I felt that the front arch entries should have a matching door on the recessed part. I removed detail from the false front because I felt it was a little over top and to busy to be realistic. I added a power pole and electric box and wiring. I'll do some more in the future but it'll be a while till I can do it as it is packed away for now. Here are pictures

                Download Attachment: Tavern -3-4 front & left side.jpg
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                Download Attachment: Tavern - back a.jpg
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                Download Attachment: Tavern - 3-4 right side & back a.jpg
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                Download Attachment: Tavern - front.jpg
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                Download Attachment: Tavern - left side.jpg
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                Download Attachment: Tavern - right side a.jpg
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                I hope this helps anyone interest in Rick's kits. If you can get them they are very nice and easy to work with and convert. I like them!

                Regards BILL DAVIS


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                  Thanks for the updates. As usual, your stuff is great!!!!



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                    Bill, thanks for the pictures. Excelent modeling.


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                      Rick...Frank...Don't encourage Bill...I have to put up with him on a regular basis...and this doesn't help matters .....besides he has yet to explain how he did some of the things.

                      How about that jail roof??



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                        Bill, funny that you mention Steve's layout. Jon Addison, Dave Revelia and I went and saw it last year when we went to the Tumonium show.We all liked it very much. The layout is exceptional and he has it in a little brick building behind his home. Excellent detail, scenery and fine running are the words that come to mind.

                        We also saw Bob Hazards about logging and great scenery!!! Bob and Steve are friends and rag each other quite a bit and the two of them helped out with the Silverton when we took it to Tumonium...lots of laughs and a fun time.



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                          Bill...forgot to metion that your work is great. I always enjoy stone and brick structures...very well done.



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                            Bill I really like these structures as well, especially the tavern. I'm wondering though are they real short buildings they don't seem to have very deep side walls. What's the average dimensions? Thanks for posting the pics, Pat.


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                              Some of the building were real short other not. The tavern was very short that why I order a second set of side walls and combined them to make the building deep.


                              My wife and I are planing a move to the mid west or I guess mid south. I'm hopeing after we get settled making a trip up to Steve's. I have sold him several buildings I built over the years and would like to see them on his layout.


                              The window and doors on the Sudbury Mill building where first painted with Floquil foundation then Testor's Pale Green with a wash of black shoe dye and alcohol. This will make a great critter color.

                              The tin roofs on the jail were first etched with Archer etchent and then chauk weathered. After I thought I got it looking the way I wanted I sprayed it with Testor's dullcoat. However I felt that it was a little to light so I decided to add a coat of black shoe dye and alcohol forgeting that I had sprayed dullcoat on the roofs. Result is an ugly white/gray color over my roof. So I washed it with lacquer thinner to kill the white gray. no luck. So I repainted the roofs rust colors and then rechauked them. I resprayed the roof with Dullcoat. It fun how accidents end up being the better result. I actually like the second painting of the roofs better then first.

                              Regards BILL