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  • Barrys Saw Mill

    Guys, Barry is going to build a Sawmill from scratch. He thought that it may be a good idea to start a thread. This can be a real keeper because of the peolple that we have on hand to offer advice and detail locating. The king of fabrication...Marc Reusser should belly up to the bar for this one. I for one, no very little about sawmill construction. With any luck, laurie will surface with some advice as well as Steve Pettit. Boone is also a wealth of knowledge because he is active in Sayles Sawmill restoration up in northern Ca.

    I will start by saying that Barry already has the Sierra West goods on order. I think that McKenzie Iron and Steel has some great suff too as far as the great clutter details and figures is concerned. I look forward to this thread because this is new to me and the posts will be excellent coming from you guys.

    Any comment, picture, website and any idea will help.

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    Hi Brian...... Laurie G does not spend much time on forums, but is also happy to help if you send an email. Steve P, well, his sawmills are great. ( see my web site ).

    I reckon we can get him involved.

    Question: How do I send a DIRECT link to this thread to someone else. Seems one has to start at the start and work thru the various topics.

    Did I make any sense with the question.

    " Stay Motivated in Life "


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      OOOOOOOppppps..... I just found out how to send a message to a friend........ the invisible guy on my shoulder, is always on hand to help.


      The white rabbit
      " Stay Motivated in Life "


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        Way to go Barry!

        I have noticed there are some great articles in past issues of NG&SL Gazette about assembling C.H.B. kits. I will try to find these & post the issue numbers & dates.



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          Thank you Brian, Mario and Paul. Just to carify before people get the impression I may be attempting a Laurie Green Drywrott style sawmill or Sierra West style Twin Mills in O scale, I will repost a couple of photos of the prototype. I am hoping my 82 year old father may actually recognise it as being something like the one he and his brothers built and worked in back in the 50's. It is a single story mill.

          This is my father Tom Pate leaping over and around an abandoned mill in the area like he was a lad a again as my daughter tries to keep up! What a day we had.

          I welcome all advice in this project and don't anticipate starting in earnest for a number of weeks until I get back to Oz.

          From my research so far, I believe the Sierra West machinery kits I have ordered will be a good basis on which to build the mill. I also have several well-researched books on the mills in the area available.



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            Barry, it doesn't matter about size or all. Your embarking on something that is not only a model but something close to the heart and it's the size of your heart ...not you mill. Wow, I just choked myself up.

            I lost my dad when he was 86. He was a fire chief for the City of Newark, New Jersey. I'm a firefighter too. I'm chief of fire prevention, inspections and investigations. He was proud when he died and I think of him every day

            Nick Ogden has visited me at work...he will tell you I drink coffee all day with my feet on my desk. That is not true!!....I have a Coke now and then and get up to use the restroom.

            Anyway, if it has weathered wood, great machines, excellent details and tons of has my vote!!

            It's good of Mario to chime in...I think that he has all of the details you need and being the type of mate he is...he will give them to you...Ha Ha Ha....



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              You mustn't put yourself like that,you do so much more than that while you're at work.Why,while we were there you managed to cram in some shopping trips,a bit of modelling and a few sessions on the old computer games,and that was just before 9am!Then it was off for your second breakfast.After that you got down to the serious business of shuffling some papers on your desk and emptying your wastepaper bin.In fact you were so worn out you had to have a sit down with another cup of cawfee and proof read your latest article for the Finescale Narrow Gauge Railroader's Gazette ,for which you are doing a series of 20 articles on how to weather an oildrum.Man,I don't know how you manage to cram in so much before it is time knock of for the day at 1pm.You must let us into your secret.


              Did you order the complete set of the sawmill machinery? Because if you did,it looks to me as if you are going to have to construct a building the size of SW's Twin Mills to house them all.I look forward to seeing some progress shots.It should be a good project.

              Are you in Blighty at the moment,and will we see you at Warley this year?



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                Looking forward to your construction thread, Barry! :up: :up:

                Now this business of Brian eating two breakfasts... that sounds rather hobbit-like to me. [:-bigeyes2]


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                  Barry, you know that I will be following your progress on this project!


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                    Barry.... moving house this week. Actually will be closer to you. Would you still like to borrow some my logging detail parts. I have since. Hope my O Scale goodies arrive from the USA soon. Some of this stuff will help also.

                    By the way I said borrow.... don't listen to that Brian Nolan guy...

                    best wishes all (Hi Brian )



                    " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                      Thanks guys,

                      Brian I am so fortunate to still have my father around and I don't think we have ever been closer since we got talking about the mill. I know more about him than I ever did. Wonderful hobby this is!

                      Thanks Mario and good luck with the move and see you soon. Brian said you would 'give' them to me!

                      Nick I am in England for a while. I ordered everything so it will be a long building. I will be back in Oz at the time of Warley.

                      Thanks Bruce and Mike.

                      I am off to have first breakfast.


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                        End of the day now and I have a bit more time to respond. Missed second breakfast but got in elevenses.

                        Brian, I look forward to meeting up with you at a narrow gauge convention somewhere, sometime and we can amongst other things talk about about dads. You must be very proud of your father. Now before we get too much flak from Nicko and Mario I had better change the subject!

                        I think I need to make another excursion back to the area and take more photos of the mills still in existance. I know Mario has a number of photos already and I have taken a few.

                        Nick I will give you a call on evening.



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                          You talk to Brian about your Dads as much as you like,you'll get no flak from me.Can't answer for Mario,though.

                          You don't want to keep missing meals,especially second breakfasts,it's not good for your health!

                          Looking forward to getting the call,



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                            Barry, Your project is going to be fun. I happen to enjoy a great amount of detail. I think it's a fine line between detail and clutter. I often place objects before gluing and look at them for a day or so before a permanent placement. I often look at Lauries work, Dave Revelia and other works for study and technique. This is for O scale..I look at our other friends work too but, I'm fairly new in the O scale world and I'm finding more models to study.

                            I have to say that Mario is a scenery master...he has the vertical look mastered. This is excellent for a small area....if you can't go wide...go vertical! This type of scenery in the background could really enhace you sawmill.

                            I'm rambling on...and thinking outloud..time to go to bed.


                            Nick, I got your message and I would enjoy your idea...your always welcome to help because as much as I hate to admit it....your a great modeler.


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                              You ramble Brian, never!

                              Mario shared his foam rocks idea with me and I must say it is a great way to get lightweight scenery. I have started to use it. Apart form the weight saving, one of best parts is the ease of placing figures and trees. My first layout was made of plaster and I needed a drill to place anything. Now I just push in a figure or a tree with a pin fixed to the base.

                              When doing fine detail painting I am finding O scale much easier on my eyes, if not my pocket!