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Prototyping - a mere 50 years off......

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  • Prototyping - a mere 50 years off......

    Story to share.....I was looking for some 1890's to turn of the century PRR coal hoppers.... I saw these wood ones from Accurail....Hey, it's wood, it's gotta be old? I later found out, I believe in the Altas Forum that these were built in the 1940's (during the war) and are referred to as "composites". Anyway's, I like them and also this was my first attempt at chalk weathering. Perhaps not enough weathering?

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    Russ, they're looking good, but I agree with you: they could use some more weathering. For whatever it's worth,I suggest doing a couple of things. First, since they're coal hoppers, they'd be pretty grimy from the dust, so I'd use a black chalk powder and apply it to the sides and all top surfaces. I'd probably also touch up all the rivets and bolt heads with a metalcote paint and then rust them with a rust-colored chalk/alcohol slurry.

    Even without the extra weathering, they're still nice looking cars! :up: