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logging layout incline faster loading

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  • logging layout incline faster loading

    Let's try this again with smaller photos! There's a better shot of the two levels. Keep in mind these photos are of incomplete areas, models and such. The basic areas have been defined, but lots of additional ground cover, details, figures will be added. The backdrop still has no foliage added in front to blend it all in. Some areas are not yet ballasted. Some structures are set in place but not fully scenicked into the layout yet. I have a long way to go yet. Enjoy

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    Great modeling, it was worth the wait for the larger pictures, but now more.




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      On3O Wow thats really nice! I only wished I could get further on mine. BTW your skid loader, was that scratched or a kit? the detail at this point is very nice[^]also what did you use for rail? Over all :up: Keepem comeing! Bob


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        The donkey engine is scratch built around a CHB model of a AH&D two spool hoist. An ITTC electronics sound chip has been added. I used Peco code 100 rail on the upper logging level and incline. The lower levels are Micro Engineering code 70 flex track and handlayed stub style turnouts.