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  • my new layout

    my new layou in progress

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    sorry about the vague post earlier I was trying to add a pic of my new layouts progress didnt work, anyway I will try again I am so used to yahoo but im sure I will catch on to the different format



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      I hope so, I'm looking forward to the pics!!!!!!!!!


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        Posting pictures here is so much better than Yahoo, looking forward also.



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          Originally posted by jhunter

          sorry about the vague post earlier I was trying to add a pic of my new layouts progress didnt work, anyway I will try again I am so used to yahoo but im sure I will catch on to the different format


          Hi John

          Once you get the hang of it posting pictures here it is not that difficult.

          They can be posted directly from your hard drive.

          There are size restrictions to the pictures so they must be reduced to less than 80 kb for posting.

          Here are 2 threads from the forum that explain how to post pictures.

          Here are 2 threads that explain how to resize and download the pictures directly to the post.


          The first thread explains how to resize the photos for posting.

          The second thread explains how to embed the picture in your post.

          Hope you can figure these instructions out but if you have any questions please ask as many are waiting eagerly for some pictures from you.
          <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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            Until John gets the picture posting issue sorted, I don't think John will mind me posting this teaser for him. It's a photo I took at our recent NMRA meeting. My photo doesn't really do it enough credit. Note that the facia of another layout can be seen in the background. At this stage John's layout ends at the level where the carraige is.


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              hi all

              well I think I have a problem with posting pics it seems that I do not have the section in my posting window that contains the paper clip I only have the tool bar that contains the insert image icon in the format section plus all other sections but no paperclip section can any body help, also thanks barry for posting a pic of my newest project I now have one small booking office on the wharf.


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                before I am able to post pics I thought I would help explain ny new layout as part seen in barrys pic named narchuca the layout is based on a river port here in australia named echuca situated on our mighty murry river, the port in its hey day was over 3/4 of a mile long but over the years because of declining trade,fire,and some devistating floods the port today is only 276 feet long and stands a40 feet ovove the current water line in pictures that I shall post you will see where the old port used to be and although I am modeling it in the early 1900,s I want to capture the port as it is seen today as it is a major tourist attraction /museum/ working paddle steamer port ,the port is prototypicaly broard gauge railway but I have decided in my own wisdom and using my modeling licence to model it in narrowgauge I will chose selective buildings from the area as well a some freelance buildings so I am not modeling the port og echuca but the port of Narchuca nar meening narrow the port originaly was a major part of australian freight haulage between states which were devided by the river that being new south wales and victoria, goods such as wool,timber,grain ,cattle and much more were shipped via this amazing port, I am totaly enjoying this modelling project and eventually I will incorperate a timber mill,and flour mill the port of echuca can be looked up on the web as a web site is available .


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                  HTML is OFF | Forum Code is ON

                  Insert a File

                  Do you see this under the box you type your response in??? If so click on insert a file to post a pic. Next to the insert a file (left side) is supposed to be a paper clip, but for me it doesn't always show up but I click there and it works anyway.


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                    John, Tyson is referring to this section in the reply area. It doesn't always display but the hotspot still remains active. I know you are doing shift work. Feel free to give me a call during the day or evening if you want to go over it some more.


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                      hi all

                      looks like Im up and running with the pic thing you may all regret it as I take a lot of pics anyway here is a pic of my current project narchuca in O scale

                      Download Attachment: DSC06828.JPG
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                        WHAT????? ONLY ONE PIC?????? Oh well, all good things are worth waiting for. Looks like your new project is progressing rather nicely 8D , killer trees!


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                          the trees are a natural plant know as sedum autumn joy , here in australia we have some very spinderly gum trees that grow tall and only have folage towards the top this plant is a exelent representation of these trees very easy to make look good just pick them and put a bit of olive colored flocking on the heads.


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                            here is a pic of the real port of echuca of which my model is based on[^]

                            Download Attachment: DSC06581.JPG
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                              Beautiful model!Excellant representation of the prototype! :up: I especially like the wharf.

                              Have a good one.

                              Bill Burge