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    My wife is like a lot of wives out there. She sees model railroading as an innocent waste of time, but accepts (tolerates) it more than say a hobby of drinking, gambling and fooling around with other women. If she rolls over at 1:00am and I'm not there next to her, she knows where I am... in the basement. She also has adopted the attitude of "Yes dear... that's nice" in that familiar condescending tone of voice that let's you know she's not the least bit interested in whatever railroad stuff you're trying to show her. The less she is involved, the happier she is. This is the key to having a wonderful layout. Wives like mine can't tell the difference between a Shay and a 2-6-6-2 as long as they are all painted the same color. As long as I only have a few locomotives out on the layout at any one time, she's oblivious to the three new locomotives I just bought. NEVER put a new expensive brass one out on the layout before painting it. Here's the survivor's guide to model railroading's marital success:

    1. Never take the wife to a hobby shop.

    2. If you screw up rule #1, don't let her see the price tags.

    3. If she notices a new locomotive, tell her it's either a recent repaint, or you got it in the hobby shop's monthly business card raffle.

    4. Oven cook your model part paint jobs when she's not there, then compliment her on her cooking.

    5. Take one day a week and devote every minute to her WITHOUT one mention of trains.

    6. Clean the blender twice after making ground cover.

    7. If a convention tour bus is on it's way over with 65 strangers, it's too late to clue her in on it, so pray she leaves the house before they arrive. Been there, done that. "Oh by the way dear...."

    8. Put her kitchen utensils back after cleaning the plaster off them and avoid the "Is that my good knife?" scenario.

    9. Get a dog. All stains and spills can be effectively attributed to the dog. They won't rat you out like yer kid will.

    10. Don't make any type of fumes, odors or aromas that can't be blamed on the dog.


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    Great Suggestions! I've yet to find a way to hide the Visa card charges though. I tend to have more success if I time my purchases to come immediately after a nic-nack purchase of hers.


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      That's a great list. I'm sure we all could add to it, and yes, your wife sounds just like mine! She even tells my friends right in front of my face while I'm in the middle of a story to just nod and say yes!

      As far as the Visa card... I'm the one who looks at the bills... Luckily she rarely asks prices AND I NEVER question her getting that new dress that she needs. I sometimes wonder why she needs a new dress but I know she wonders why I need a new locomotive! After visiting layouts during convention tours I see that others have the same idea: You can never have too many locomotives!


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        Good list! My wife tolerates my hobbies. Although, I love the look on her face when she sees the UPS or FedX truck pull up in the yard and I haven't told her I ordered anything! The first words out of her mouth are "now what did you buy that we can't afford?" !!!!!


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          Great list.

          One technique I have found useful is what I like to call a diversionary tactic. When I want to make a large purchase I start talking to the wife about that new $3000 dollar computer I want and when she starts to get that look I just say "or I could just get an(insert item here)instead". LOL Works every time. Or at least till she catches on.



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            I feel sorry for you guys

            My wife has always supported all my hobbies

            And I have quite a few!

            She even lets me know when there is something good on TV pertaining to my hobbies or a show is coming to town.

            I asked just last night about cutting two holes in the family room wall so the new layout could make a loop through on a display case....."no problem I think that would be cool!" was her reply!

            Guess I'll just count my blessings



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              My wife supports my hobby, she just doesn't know how much! Besides, she is really encouraging the backyard riding railroad I'm working on.




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                Great list!!

                I'd like to add one:

                11. Never leave a "paper trail". Always pay cash!



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                  Greatlist! :up: Very Funny Lots of truth to it. My wife supports my Hobbies as well, she's one in a million! Oh yea, Don't forget to distroy the reciepts & the sack you brought them home in! Another good Idea is to keep your work area an organized mess so its not as noticeable![:-blindfold]


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                    Good list Bamma. My wife is very supportive because I keep telling her how much money I'm going to make with my kits. I've really got to get cracking as all she has seen is a high pile of bills, no checks to speak of. Well there has been an occassional one and that's help to stave off the the inevitable...."MAKE IT PAY OR GET OUT OF IT!" statement that's bound to come real soon! (chuckle)


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                      How's that new water tank kit coming? I chatted with you in Indy last month.