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  • A light diet

    Hi All

    As I go through some of the threads in this new forum it seems we are all feeling our way through this new BIG train thing and not really aware of what's available.

    As a result, the other night I sent $23.00 for a 6 issue subscription to Light Iron Digest.The first issue arrived today and I was totally impressed the advertisers alone are worth the price of admission.

    I do not have any interest nor do I get any financial gain from this endoresment, it is just something to look into.[^]


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    I picked up a copy the other day as well , at a hobby shop in Detroit . The LID was situated beside the Gazette ( rarely seen in Ontario )so i bought both . IMO the Gazette would be the magazine I would subscribe to if I had to choose .I felt LID was a little thin in content . I hope you enjoy your 6 month subscription . There were some great ads in the magazine .



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      I have also picked up some back issues of the LID and I agree that it is a bit light on content,if it was double the thickness it would be a worthy competitor to the Gazette.However,I suspect it is in a Catch 22 situation,if it had more readers it could afford to increase its size but it is not going to substantially increase its readership until it gets bigger!I'm probably way off here,but I do like it and I will be buying more issues in the future.

      Terry,I think the six issues are an annual subscription,so it isn't to bad for value at $4 each,



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        Nick and Terry

        I subscribe to the Gazette, which up to this point, had been the only mag in MHO worthy of investment( I tried MR a couple of years ago)[:-ashamed]

        I agree about the content of the LID,but it is the only publication I've found that is even close to On30 specific in it's advertisers.

        (Maybe after some of us are done with our modules we could submit pictures )

        Up until three monthes ago, I had never bought MM, with Brian and now Rich showing up with inspirational pictures I'm keeping a watch on it[^]

        Terry H 8D


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          I used to subscribe to MR, but let it go after my interests changed to On30. I ran across some Gazettes from '93 at a train show and liked them well enough to subscribe. I have one copy of LID, and while I agree it's thin on content, everything in it was interesting to me, much like the Gazette. If I had more cash I'd get LID and Timber Times.


          San Juan Lumber Company

          Niagara Frontier Traction Company


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            You guys seem to like LID and your opinions are good enough for me ...I'll try a couple of more issues and see if I warm up to it . I was surprised to see a Canadian On30 business advertised ( schombergscale models ) and also in the product review of a ' backwoods water tank '.

            The only other mag I buy fairly regularly off the shelf is Finescale Railroader ...the others just don't interest me much but then I'm into industrial stuff ....not very mainstream .



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              I just signed up for 6 issues. I have heard a lot about this magazine & thought I would try it. I bought 1 copy in the past & enjoyed it a lot. There was a great article on building a water tank in On30. There seems to be a lot of On30 in that magazine so I thought I would give it a try. My family can spend $19 at a fast food place ... and it’s gone after 24 hours. I’ll enjoy my $19 subscription a lot more. Maybe it will improve in the amount of content after the subscriptions pick up.



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                I have a subscription to LID and have every issue. I think that this is a great magazine that Gary is putting out. Remember back to the days when the Gazette was Finelines? That was a magazine with only about 20 pages or so. Now look at it. Gary has been adding more color to the magazine with each issue. In addition, he puts out the On30 Special every year. He is always looking for articles. I highly recommend the magazine.

                Frank Bernard