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Question about the Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter.

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  • Question about the Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter.

    I have ordered the 0-4-2 Porter & have heard it runs good. I want to buy the smaller Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter too but I have heard some negative comments about them.

    In these articles & posts on websites, they refer to the problem the 0-4-0 Porter has had with electrical pick up. Some have even said they are not good runners. Have any of you had this experience or have heard this too? If you have, have you done anything to correct the problems? I would appreciate your input.


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    I've got both a Bachmann Shay and a Bachmann 0-4-2. No 0-4-0.

    While my Bachmann Shay is a mighty cool little engine, it ran very poorly under DCC until I realized that one of the trucks wasn't picking up power at all between the truck and the frame. This contact mechanism is pretty frail. Once I messed with the contacts so they actually made contact: no problems at all and I love the sound.

    My 0-4-2 ran ok straight from the box, but does wobble somewhat as it goes down the track.


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      My 0-4-0 is not a very good runner at all, it's noisy, and the pickups are not too good. The 0-4-2 is much better. On DCC the only noise I hear from it are the wheels hitting rail joints. The 0-4-2 can be made into a nice running 0-4-0 with a little work, thats what I'm doing to my damaged one.


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