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    Everyone, found this site looking for On30 forums. I have been active with On30 since Bachmann opened the world of 1/4" scale to everyone. Have modeled in HOn3,Sn3,Nn3 and On3 and find the new On30 the best. You can check out my present layout at:

    Presently working on a 4x8 trial layout to develop techniques for my dream layout,

    Thank you if you visit my website


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    Welcome Harold,

    I ran across your website a while ago looking for some info. Looks nice!


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      Welcome Harold. Come on in and set yourself down. We always have something going on around these parts.


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        Hi, Steve and Harold, and welcome to both of you. We're glad to have you aboard.


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          Welcome Harold . Great website and beautiful work on your layout .Feel free to discuss your ideas regarding On30 . I'm a 'newbie' in this scale and will be starting a diorama soon as I collect bits and pieces of On30 rolling stock and structures .



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            Welcome to the forum Harold. I like that Shay!


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              Welcome Harold. Glad to have you on board. I am new to On30 so it is good to have someone with your experience.

              I found your website the other night. I really enjoyed it. It is good to "meet" the person behind it.

              I like your 4x8 ideas for a beginner layout. You can get trains up & running fairly fast.

              Paul B


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                Thanks, for enjoying my website as a beginner. I started the website because my pictures posted on the Yahoo "conspiracy" site kept disappearing, I guess they weren't "critterish" enough. Now I can post whatever I want. I started my beginner's section because none of the Yahoo groups addressed the Bachmann phenomenon. The 4x8 layout has turned out better than I thought, it is suprising how much better O scale looks in a small space. I post things that I try that don't work, because that is as important as the things that do. I remember an article on Jim Hediger's Ohio Southern and wondered how many people probably followed his trackplan. Several years later in an article on his new layout he discussed what was wrong with the original trackplan. I am sure if you built it from his original plan you found out what sucked the hard way.

                Thank you everyone who visited my website



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                  Harold, I got a chance this afternoon to visit your site. It's very nicely done. I like the fact that it's "tutorial" in nature and instructive for newcomers to O narrow gauge.


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                    Thank you, It is fun to take pictures of the railroad and write little pieces about what I am doing. I wish I had taken more pictures of the earlier stages of benchwork and track planning. If you are building a layout, buy a digital camera and make pictures of your progress. It is very enlightening to look back on what has been accomplished. The website keeps me moving on the layout, because I don't want to have one of those stagnant sites. Hopefully my little tutorials will help someone.

                    Just a thought