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Two tutorials of interest from NGTrains

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  • Two tutorials of interest from NGTrains

    There are a couple of good tutorials at the NGTrains website. NGTrains is the web site of EDM Models and Port Wynnstay models.

    One is on soldering etched brass or nickel silver. Since I am planning on building a couple of Backwoods Minature etched brass conversion & dress up kits in the future so I am looking for any help I can get. The link is:

    The other is on modifying a Bachman Mogul. That link is:

    Both are very detail tutorials that might be of interest to the On30 crowd.

    Also, on their project page is a link to photos of the Backwoods Miniatures Rail Truck. It is very interesting as well. Go to their project page then click on the photo of the rail truck. The link to the project page is:

    The link to their home page is one you might want to add to your favorites. There are a lot of items of interest. That link is:

    I have no affiliation with this website or any of the companies it mentions. I just thought this might be of help or interest to someone.


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    His method of putting power to the Mogul tender trucks is really simple and makes the Mogul unstoppable. I used it when I put sound in my Mogul, and it really does the job.



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      I am thinking about adding a Mogul to my roster. What do you think about them? I saw my first one yesterday while visiting a hobby shop in Victoria, BC. I had never seen one before. They seem to me to be a little lacking in detail & the rivets seem large. It may just be me. i am still getting used to On30. I am still looking at everything with HO scale eyes.

      I thought this article tutorial from NGTrains had some good suggestions.

      Paul B


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        They are a great locomotive, they run well, even better when you power the tender trucks. There is room to put a DCC decoder in the loco. More than enough room to put sound in the tender. I have six of them. Two were the original Winter Wonderland sets. Am going to backdate themto the nineteenth century. They are a dead on copy of C&S #22, in the Finescale 2004 narrow gauge annual Mallery Ferrell converted one to On3, added a few more details. He had pictures with a brass On3 import and it was comparable and cost at least 1/10. That is why I love On3O. Once you get adjusted to 1/4" scale H0 seems small.

        Hope that helps