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    Okay, thanks NickO. I just wondered about it.


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      nice one Nick - will keep looking in on this site frequently !

      got my 2 points and box of crazy track so am amassing material ready for the layout.

      how did the official photos go of the garden arch, by the way



      Originally posted by NickO
      Hi Ya John,

      I'm glad you joined the party,as you can see they are very welcoming here.You have landed at a time when On30 is the big topic,so I'm sure you are going to get lots of feedback.If you don't mind, I'm going to tell the other chaps how you came to be here.(I'm going to tell them anyway,even if you do mind !)

      Last Friday I was minding my own business working away at building a new gateway at Britain's top tearoom(that's not just me talking,it's official)and my ears pricked up on hearing the words "narrow gauge logging line",so I edged my way over to see what John and his wife were talking about.Being the nosey sort of person I am I interrupted their conversation and proceeded to take over.The object of their discussion was an article in an American magazine by a certain Paul Templar(Shamus,I believe he is known by)on his new layout,Coon Creek.I then spouted on knowledgably about the subject.John,then mentioned that he liked another layout he had seen called Deer Creek.I then prattled on about that layout equally knowledgably.So now that we had talked about three of the few British modellers who are members of this Forum,what else could I do other than give him the website address.

      To me,the funny thing is,what are the chances of meeting someone who is interested in American narrow gauge logging railroads in a tearoom on the Welsh/English borders?Not very high ,I would guess.

      I hope you can get as much benefit from here as I have,but beware,you will spend more time here than you should,and you quality time with your layout will suffer.



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        not really my friend - I'm aiming for a logging line / diaorama and am limited by space - already have a 4x2 009 layout in my room.


        Originally posted by bpate

        Welcome to the forum John.

        I would like to hear a bit more about what you like to do before offering any comments. I'm building 2' x 4' modules so declare my bias up front. Do you have a track plan in mind at this stage?


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          hi JR, thanks for the response

          'tolpuddleman' - good guess as a foundry worker, but not so. I'm quite fond of the history of the Tolpuddle Martyrs so chose it as an identification. They were 6 farm labourers (union members) who were sent to a penal colony in Australia in 1834, then pardoned a short time later, all for belonging to a trade union. As I am a union representative, there is some affinity with that, so I chose the handle in memory of them. 5 of them eventually settled in Ontario, and I visited their grave sites in 2002. Type the words Tolpuddle Martyrs into a search engine and you'll get some interesting stuff to look at..

          speak soon

          JohnLong story involved, why not go to a TM site via a search engine


          Originally posted by Climax1880

          Hi John:

          Welcome to the forum. I see that you have been bitten by that dreaded On30 bug but that's okay. They're gaining a foothold on the forum as well as in MRR. but ALL the info is good and we love to share. Sometimes we go at each other but it's all in fun and that's what we have the most of here.

          Your 'handle' tolpuddleman is unusual and we'de love to know its origins. I know what a puddleman is in foundry work so I gather that it has something to do with metalwork, am I right?

          Have a good day.


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            thanks Marty, may do that soon. Just catching up on all replies so need to touch base with you all

            thanks again



            Originally posted by lab-dad
            Hey "tolpuddleman" I am currently building a 16" x 8' (with a 31/2" x 36" extension behind a door)

            I could probobly take some pictures for you.

            Maybe I will and post them in the "diaramma challenge" section.

            I did post a small one at the "welcome" page.

            As you can see we are all biased in our opinions (variety is kool!).

            maybe you can squeak out a little more depth for the shelf area?....

            Feel free to contact me about this, may be we can brainstorm since we have simillar space.



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              Nick, been near the swamps in Florida, there's a preserved railway down there (Seminole or something like that) so get the picture...maybe your buddy just stayed on the oval of track too-o long and only just got off it. Just like that Japanese guy stuck in the jungle for 30 years who thought the war was still on [:-basketball]


              Originally posted by NickO


              You're going to have to login more often than once a day,as things move quickly around here.

              Just ignore Uncle Bri,he's just crawled back out of the Florida swamps after several years in hiding because he thinks the redcoats are still after him.We haven't had the heart to tell him the Revolution ended years ago!You can tell he's been away because he turns up out of the blue raving about this 'ere new fangled O Scale stuff.What a revelation,eh,Bri!

              Bri, Johnson's is on hold for the time being while I finish some HO scale stuff.I am raring to get back to it when I get time.I will bore you all again when there is some progress.


              Tolpuddle is a village in Dorset,where there was a bit of a to-do just about the time Brian went into the swamp.I know John lives quite a distance from there,so I can only surmise that he came from that area originally.No doubt he will fill the rest in himself.


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                thanks for this buddy - still getting used to the site and how it works.

                Nick's right -there we were having a relaxing moment in a teashop in the middle of nowhere minding our own business and watching the world go by, leafing thru' some railroad magazines and quietly chit-chatting, when this guy shuffles alongside us, not so much as apologising for overhearing our conversation, as but jumping straight in and starts hijacking my magazine and promptly begins telling me the history of On30 logging stuff, with a smile on his face that could only be described as "Wow, I've found another soul-mate here". And the rest is history.

                Nick was building a garden arch for this remarkable tea-room, and he was using French Oak so i guessed he was pretty handy with a set of woodworking tools so I can imagine what his layouts will be like.

                Have a ggod one today


                Originally posted by Lighthorseman

                Welcome aboard from another On30 guy! You'll find that there are many great folks here all ready to help in any way they can.

                With regard to layout size...What do you like to do? A 4 by 2 foot layout could be built, although in On30 it would be a simplistic affair, and likely only critters (Bachmann Davenport, for example) and small steam engines (Porters) would do well on the sharp curves.

                If you've some larger locos, like the B-Mann 2-6-0, you'll probably want to set up a linear shelf...and start negotiating with higher management for a little "lebensraum"!

                Either way, you'll get a chance to practice, and that's never bad.

                If you are not yet an On30 Conspiracy member, I'd recommend that, too. Also, be sure to check out some of the work of other On30 folks right here. There are some simply spectacular pictures of their work, and they're all friendly and very knowledgable. They even tolerate ME. [:-paperbag]


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                  John, Steve, & Marty,

                  Welcome to RR-L forum and to the special interests in On30 that all of you bring. Although my scale is HO, I will be following along and observing what this group is doing. Several friends at my club are also venturing out into On30, so maybe I can share what they are doing along the way.


                  Modelling the East in the West!


                  Originally posted by tolpuddleman

                  hi guys, as a newbie I wondered how I might develop an On30 layout. . .

                  <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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                    I am building a 4x8 layout on my website.


                    Maybe there can help



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                      Nice website. What did you use for your water? Very realistic.



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                        I used GE Silicone clear Caulk II for the upper water and Woodland Scenics "Realistic Water" for the lower water. I poured the "Realistic water" in two layers 1/8 deep and dry brushed the foam on both layers. I like the "Realistic water" for rapids because it shrinks over the boulders and looks like water oozing.