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New PC&F cars from Athearn

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  • New PC&F cars from Athearn

    Along with bumping some past informational topics back into the present, I wanted to recommend the new line of Athearn Genesis 50' PC&F box cars. I've acquired 15 of them over the past few months, and have some of each of the 4 body styles:

    5 14'-door (2 SP, 2 SSW and one Golden West)

    3 10'6"-door early (BN, GN and Evergreen)

    3 10'6"-door late (2 D&RGW and one BN)

    4 double door (2 SP and 2 SSW)

    These are great box cars and they represent popular flat top box cars seen in the late 1960's thru the present, especially out west. I've got Jim Eagers Color Guide, and my D&RGW carsm match the photo's nicely... only one small tack board is in a different location from the picture. Anyone interested in western RRing in the 70's and 80's needs to have a bunch of these cars!

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