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Building a Jordan Vehicle, Part 3, by Ken Marken

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  • Building a Jordan Vehicle, Part 3, by Ken Marken


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    Moderator's Note: The following information was added by Ken to his tutorial. I have re-posted a copy of it here. The original thread is still open for comments.

    ... the rear spring does not match the contour of the groove it gets glued in. You have to bend it to fit. I use to try and put glue into the entire groove and try and hold the spring but it usually ended up flying across the room.

    So I put a drop of super glue into the middle of the groove first and then put the spring in. That way I can make sure the spring is centered and level. When the glue dries I apply a drop of glue to the outer edge of the groove on each side and force the spring into the groove so it matches the contour.

    I clamp the spring on each side because the spring wants to "spring" back until the glue dries.

    The first drop of glue goes where the black arrow is. The seconds drops go where the red arrows are.

    Hope that helps.