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0n30 disconnects from Alan Curtis Models

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  • 0n30 disconnects from Alan Curtis Models

    When Alan of “Alan Curtis Models” came to view my 0n30 Cooncreek & Tumbleweed Springs at my home, neither of us envisaged just what was to happen. Before Alan had left my home, he had in his possession one of my 0n30 log skeleton cars. The reason for this was simple, Alan was going to make some 0n30 disconnects for me with a view to possibly selling them to the 0n30 fraternity.

    About a week after Alan’s visit I had a phone call telling me that the brass master was complete and the he would do a run and send me some to see what I thought. Well, after waiting a few more days they arrived, and these are my thoughts on his latest venture.

    The cast parts come in 4 sections, a crossbeam and main spine, plus a couple of straps. I looked at these castings to remove any flash before assembling them. (Flash, what flash) I only had to run a small file over one end. They are beautifully cast. I assembled each one using Cyanoacrylate (Super glue) and was also impressed by the way the straps were a push fit into the tiny holes on the crossbeam. The crossbeam is also pre-drilled to accept brass wire into it to form the hooks, which will accept the chain. Whilst there is not any brass wire or chain in the kit, these can be bought at any model shop.

    Once I had all 10 of mine completed I painted and weathered them and added my own trucks and wheels sets to them, plus the chains to hold the logs in place. Oh yes, Alan also makes the trucks which are once again perfect in every way; these trucks are in 2 pieces. One side of the truck is screwed to the cross brace and the other just super glues into the other side. As I haven’t at this moment any 40” wheel sets with pointed axles, I just used what I had available in my scrap box.

    All in all, these disconnects are a work of art and I can highly recommend them to anyone. I am sure if you talk to Alan nicely, he might be persuaded to make some in HO.

    Here’s a few photos of these disconnect on my layout.


    Disconnects being taken to the logging site

    Here's a closeup of Alan's Disconnects

    Already in use is a pair of disconnects with a hugh load being taken to the sawmill

    At the sawmill, the hugh logs are about to be dropped into the log pond.

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    Your disconnects look great. You & allen did a beautiful job on them.

    How do we contact Allen? Does he have a website? I would like to see them in HO scale.



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      Hi Paul, thanks, if you mention my name (Paul Templar) I am sure that Alan just might get interested in making HO ones. His main field is N-scale.