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    I have just enjoyed reading Paul Templar's article in the 'fresh off the press' Narrow Gauge Down Under - Summer/Autumn 2004 edition No 17. This is yet another MR magazine I have subscribed to and am so glad I did. Well done Paul.

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    The C&TS is getting a lot of magazine coverage, and it's well deserved! I saw Paul's article on the layout last fall in MRR'ing. Additionally, he's got the tree making article in RMC.

    Barry, how does Narrow Gauge Down Under compare to the Gazette? And what's the price of a subscription. I'm always looking for new reading material.

    Edit: My error and correction - I meant last month, not fall. I guess I had Paul's "Red Fox" layout article, which came out last August, in mind when I wrote the above. Oops! [:I]id="red">


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      Mike, it is produced 6-monthly and is A$10.50 an issue, a bit less subscribed. For me it's more interesting as it has a lot of Australian content, local supplier information and articles by people I have the privilege of getting to know, such as Mario Rapinett, Laurie Green and John Hunter.

      Here is the link to the website:


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        Well well well, many thanks for that, I didn't even know it was out yet.Glad you liked the article. Looking forward to my copy soon.By the way, for those interested, in the June issue of "0-Scale Trains" there is an article of mine on making Timber trestle bridges out of logs.

        Cheers friends